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Meditation helps relieve Diabetics

Diabetes is a metabolic condition wherein the body fails to produce hormone insulin, which helps in converting sugar into energy. As per the report, around 5.9% of the total population from United States suffers from this disease, which is also the seventh leading reason of death in our country. Diabetes can also be termed as a chronic disease without permanent cure. However, diabetes can be controlled to some extent with timely and appropriate treatment and by taking necessary precautionary measures that helps diabetics to lead healthy lives.


The deterioration of the pancreas is the chief cause of diabetes. When sugar doesn’t get broken down in the form of energy in the body, it gets accumulated in the blood and causes symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, excessive thirst and associated health complications. Diabetes is caused due to factors such as the genetic makeup, ethnicity, family history, environmental, lifestyle and health issues. Basically, diabetes gets categories into two categories i.e. Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes. For example, cases of the Type I Diabetes vary considerably from causes of gestational diabetes. In very similar manner, causes of the Type II Diabetes from causes of the Type I Diabetes.

Another very less common type of diabetes is gestational diabetes, which is a temporary condition that arises in women during pregnancy. As per the CDA (Canadian Diabetes Association), around 18% of First Nations women and 4% of women will develop such form of diabetes. However, this problem normally disappears after delivery. But this is also true that a women who develop such form of diabetes during their pregnancy, are at higher risk of developing Type II Diabetes in their later life.


There are a number of medicines available in the market, yet meditation gets referred as one of the most effective ways to cure this disease. Pranayama is a form of breathing exercises that is well-known for curing various types of disorders, including diabetes. It is a form of relaxation & meditation that helps relieve mind as well as body from stress. Research studies put forward at an American Diabetes Association Conference suggest that meditation for diabetes helps improve the health of an individual by assuaging various signs and symptoms. Certain Meditation inducing Pranayama like Kapalabhati (rapid breathing), Brahmari Pranayama (humming bee breath) and Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing) are a few major form of breathing techniques to cure diabetes. It has been scientifically proven that practicing these techniques on regular basis helps in reducing blood sugar levels and hence helps in curing such condition.

Meditation is about being aware and being present. It works at the conscious level of the mind. Meditation helps break the vicious circle. Stress is the culprit that leads to all sorts of heath issues. Meditation works on this very same stress factor, trying to eradicate it and bring mind at peace. Meditation establishes the balance between the body chemicals and harmonizes brain functions. It brings down the levels of stress hormones and ultimately prevents stress to take its toll on the physical facet. Chronic stress leads to metabolic imbalances, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy food cravings and obesity. All of this culminates into bigger disorders, something like diabetes.

Meditation hits the right cord and corrects the basics of the reasons of a disorder and helps break the circle.


As, we all know meditation carries number of health benefits, hence practicing various forms of mediation on regular basis for around 20 to 30 minutes can help you to overcome number of health disorders, including diabetes. It also helps an individual to get rid of stress, which is root cause of number of health related issues.

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