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Aam Panna and its health benefits

Aam Panna, one of the most refreshing and delicious summer drink, is known for its cooling properties and serves as a good source of nutrition. 

Aam Panna is made from green mango or unripe mango pulp which is rich in potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, pectin, malic, citric and oxalic acids. During the summer season, consumption of this drink rehydrates the body and offers the lost vital electrolytes.

Nutritional Value of Aam Panna

One glass of Aam Panna contains 179 calories.  This drink is a rich source of carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B1 & B2 & vitamin C. It also contains magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, sodium, pectin, folate and choline.

Aam Panna is composed of 8% of vitamins A, 23% of vitamin C, 5% of calcium and 10% of iron. It contains zero cholesterol and total fat of 1 gram. 

Possible health benefits of Aam Panna…

1/9. Enhances Digestion

1. The pectin content of Aam Panna when mixed with honey and salt aids in treating gastrointestinal problems and helps digestion. 

2. Pectin further helps in treating diarrhoea, chronic dyspepsia, piles, dysentery, indigestion, and constipation. 

3. The fibre content of Aam Panna enhances digestion.

2/9. Treats Digestive Disorders

1. The acids in raw mangoes help in stimulating bile secretion, which is known to be a healing agent for the intestines. Optimised bile production helps keeping liver in good health. 

2. The Vitamin B content of Aam Panna aids in the cleansing of intestines and helps treat gastrointestinal disorders. 

3. The pectin content of this drink controls the digestive process and cure conditions such as constipation, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, and piles. 

3/9. Regulates Diabetes

As the green mango has a low glycemic load, it helps in bringing the blood insulin level to normalcy. 

4/9. Boosts Immunity

1. The antioxidants and vitamin C content of Aam Panna aids in increasing the immunity and also aids in healing several blood disorders.

2. The vitamin C content enhances the formation of the new blood cells and accelerates the elasticity of blood vessels. 

3. Vitamin C further aids in treating and preventing skin conditions such as scurvy which results due to vitamin C deficiency.

5/9. Maintains Electrolyte Balance

1. The mineral content of Aam Panna and also the salt and sugar base helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance which in turn supplies the required energy to the body. 

2. Aam Panna aids in electrolyte deficiency and prevents heat stroke.

6/9. Prevents Cancer

Antioxidants are formed in the body due to the interaction of vitamin C with the body. These antioxidants aid in the prevention of numerous types of cancers such as skin cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, etc.

7/9. Protects Foetus

Folates present shields the foetus and avert any kind of foetal deformity. 

8/9. Protects Eyes

The vitamin A content of Aam Panna protects the eyes from several conditions such as cataract, dry eyes and night blindness.

9/9. Other possible health benefits…

Aam panna quenches thirst, rehydrates body and is good for heart due to its electrolytic balance. It is also good for skin and a remedy for constipation. Aam panna is also believed to reduce depression by relaxing mind and improving concentration. It increases resistance against tuberculosis, anaemia, cholera and dysentery.

Aam panna, besides being an immunity booster, works as a coolant, hydrates the body and provides essential electrolytes.

How to make Aam Panna?

Aam ka Panna is prepared from unripe mangoes, which are to be boiled and then the skin is to be peeled. Cumin powder, sugar, and rock salt/ sea salt is added to the finely chopped mango and then it is blended into a thick puree. Refrigerate the pulp, add water when drinking it.

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