Aashish Nanda is the promoter contributor to the online wellness platform Moksha Mantra and its LiFe ReBooT initiative. While Moksha Mantra is endeavouring to be the online knowledge base of ancient wellness practices, LiFe ReBooT is its offline effort.

The basic objective of LiFe ReBooT is to help people in the fast-paced modern setting to rework their lives to reduce complexities and improve physical and mental health.

Aashish has propounded his 4 fold wellness mantra of simple natural food, correct breathing, ongoing body movement and actionable mindfulness to lead a simple, healthy and balanced life. These are easy to adopt activities for everyone that can be practiced on day-to-day basis.

Interestingly, Ashish Nanda’s present initiative was not what he had set out for initially. He had taken up a secure and rewarding job in a top corporate after completing his studies. But, destiny had different plans for him. He was progressing well in job when a personal health scare brought forth both the shortcomings of modern lifestyle and awful inadequacy of modern methods of addressing them.

This proved to be a life transforming blessing in disguise and drove him to the path of exploring ancient methods of wellness ‘yogic’ living like yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, right Indian food and related techniques and technologies. He tutored under various teachers, became a yoga teacher himself, studied ancient scriptures, practiced different healing techniques, researched to find solid scientific rationale of these life practices and gained personal wisdom into their benefits.

He used his learning to work on his own health and realized the importance of right body-mind disposition in treatments. He summarised all his learning and experience in the form of 4 fold ‘wellness’ mantra of LiFe ReBooT initiative and they are Movement, Prana Breath, Holistic Cooking and Mindfulness. The details of the same are on the website. As a part of this initiative, he, along with the team moksha mantra, conducts pan-India workshops and retreats. Contact him…

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