Aashish Nanda is the promoter contributor to the wellness platform Moksha Mantra and its initiatives. The basic objective of moksha mantra is to help people in the fast-paced modern setting to rework their lives to reduce complexities and improve physical and mental health.

Aashish has propounded his 4 fold wellness mantra of simple natural food, correct breathing, ongoing body movement and actionable mindfulness to lead a simple, healthy and balanced life. These are easy to adopt activities for everyone that can be practiced on day-to-day basis.

Interestingly, Ashish Nanda’s present initiative was not what he had set out for initially. He had taken up a secure and rewarding job in a top corporate after completing his studies. But, destiny had different plans for him. He was progressing well in job when a personal health scare brought forth both the shortcomings of modern lifestyle and awful inadequacy of modern methods of addressing them.

This proved to be a life transforming blessing in disguise and drove him to the path of exploring ancient methods of wellness ‘yogic’ living like yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, right Indian food and related techniques and technologies.

Aashish tutored under various teachers, became a yoga teacher himself, studied ancient scriptures, practiced different self healing techniques, researched to find solid scientific rationale of these life practices and gained personal wisdom into their benefits.

90% of all New Age Health issues can be overcome by simple LIFESTYLE corrections – Aashish Nanda

Aashish used his learning to work on his own health and realized the importance of right body-mind disposition in treatments. He summarised all his learning and experience in the form of 4 fold ‘wellness’ mantra of Life Wellness and Self Healing initiative and they are Movement, Prana Breath, Holistic Cooking and Mindfulness. The details of the same are on the website. As a part of this initiative, he, along with the team moksha mantra, conducts pan-India workshops and retreats. Contact him…

My Health Journey

Couple of life debilitating health issues was necessary for me to leave the safety of corporate world and to embark on the final leg of my journey in becoming a full-time Healing Facilitator.

I still remember the day in 2005 when my Doctor made me aware of my failing health. Perpetual Stomach issues, recurring fevers, duodenal ulcers, underlined & obvious stress, massive weight gain, a herniated disk made me look and feel beyond my years.  My energy level was always rock bottom.

I had to make lifestyle changes… worked through my limitations and turned to yoga for regaining my health.  With time, I was feeling better.  Things were in my control again.

Lightening can strike twice… One random evening in November 2010, I started itching all over as if I have been bitten by thousands of bugs.  What followed was pure living hell… skin discolouration and constant high voltage itching made it impossible for me to function. I could be out with my clients and, all of a sudden, I would start burning up.  What triggered off an episode was way beyond comprehension of doctors…vague explanations like  “a mite bite”, “eczema/psoriasis” or maybe the dreaded “C”, I had my share of diagnosis/medicines/steroids…    

Nothing worked! Medical bills rose. I had run out of choices – more than a year of suffering something unnamed – I lost control of my life. I had a few moments of sanity but that was it.

Till one day desperation to find a cure or end it all drove me to start self-assessing…I read like a maniac…poured over medical sites, went over my symptoms with a microscope… talked to people and many misses later, I had a hit…maybe I had dental (amalgam) mercury poisoning. My Doctors agreed…

My system was on the verge of a collapse… My life, as I knew it, was over, YET it became the best day of my life; a rebirthing process.  Conventional treatments did not work… I took charge of my own health…Yoga and Panch Bhuta philosophy became integral part of my life. I spent months and years focused on reclaiming my health. I started transforming for the better.

Today, I feel fitter and healthier than what I was 10 years back. Yes! I do suffer from mercury poisoning side effects, from time to time, but it is an exception now rather than the norm.

I continue to experiment on myself to improve my health and I am sure I will continue to make changes throughout my life as I discover new truths and my body-mind changes.

My experiences during all of this changed my view of medicine and inspired me to be part of a different approach to healthcare. Modern medicine works scientific miracles with acute care medicine, but it neglects preventative care.

Holistic Wellness is my life mantra now. I wish for the day when everyone else should also do the same and address their health issues holistically.

How I LIVE now

I used to be a regular smoker BUT I dislike cigarette smoke now and that is the only rule rigidity I have. “I will not smoke… actively and/or passively.” Another rule I try and stick to is to have my dinner before sunset.

Everything else is a guideline and my do’s and don’ts are reasonable, flexible and adaptable.

A few guidelines that I try and follow: Breakfast and Lunch are 80% of my food intake. Being a fire constitution my food plate is 60+% vegetables; cereals & salad, carbs & fiber form the rest. My sugar and salt intake is down by 50%. My water intake has gone up by around 30%. I do not drink refrigerated water, at all… Water is either room temperature or a little warm, depending on what my system requires. Off late, I have tried to wean myself off dairy BUT it’s been a tough grind.

Daily exercise and movement is a must. I practice a mix of correct sine wave breathing, yoga asana and a gentle 4 to 5 km walk, weather permitting…. and then there are days when I am lazy…I cheat!

Sine wave diaphragmatic breathing has helped me overcome my stresses, autoimmune issues and a few other lifestyle related health niggles.