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Anger, most of the times, is nothing but brief Madness

Remember Anger, at best, can be transitional…

Realise that everything in the world is temporal, including your emotions. Repeat to yourself that you are calm and feel the vibes of calmness within you.

Anger can be short term Madness…

A 2013 study by the beverage company, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer in the U.K. found out that 51% of people suffer rage while at work, around twice a day.

Bouts of anger have led to human casualties too…

Delhi police statistics reveal that 78 people died in Delhi alone in 2010 due to trivial issues which escalated into major confrontations.

The 2012 survey by, a Canadian online insurance portal, found out that 79% of Canadian drivers had feelings of road rage, with men admitting to more aggressive behavior.

When you are worked up, following these simple tips might help you cool down…

1. Count: The grandma’s advice of slowly counting up to 10 or 20 is the best thing one can do when angry. Slowly counting up to 20 takes the mind off the incident which had irritated you, at least for the time being. When you are done with the counting, you might probably feel calm and less prone to outbursts.

2. Walk: Take a 10 minute walk across the block. You might come back relaxed and rejuvenated.

3. Exercise: Running a few blocks could be the safest outlet for your anger.

4. Laugh: It could seem the toughest thing to do when one is angry. But, belly laughter can make you calmer in an instant. Laughter is said to trigger endorphin, the neurotransmitter which enhances our moods.

5. Music: Listen to soft music. Researchers have found out that music with a slow tempo encourages a calmer state of mind.

Do what you Love doing…

Doing what one loves to do triggers happiness. Find out what you are passionate about and indulge in it, when you’re angry. It could be gardening, cooking, reading or even playing with kids.

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