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Practice Art Therapy…

Art therapy is an effective tool that allows one to enter a meditative state of relaxation and unconscious expression. The artwork may be a light-hearted reflection or a deep-focused exploration. But the benefits can be tremendous.

Releasing emotions through a creative process can relieve stress, help solve problems and heighten the senses.

Method of implementation Art Therapy

Keeping in mind that the primary intention is to explore your feelings, select an art form that you deem fit. Leave all your anxieties behind whether it is going to be socially approved or not.

Follow your intuition and avoid over-analyzing the meaning of your work.

In fact, if it starts causing more distress, seeking guidance from a professional is the next best thing to do.

Step-by-step guide…

1. Pick up an art that interests you. If colours appeal to you, try painting. If you are a tactile person instead, you may enjoy working with clay. Scrapbooking, collage making, singing, dancing are other mediums through which you may choose to express your latent feelings.

2. Try to think about which colours best reflect you and your life. You may use them and depict feelings and sensations, even in abstract forms.

3. Think about shapes and objects. Do you find light of a candle in the dark inspiring, or do you feel like an outsider within a close circle? Use these thoughts and try to express them through your art. They may be abstract or concrete.

Dreams are a great passage of knowing our hidden feelings. They can be rich fodder for your creative impulses.

Since times immemorial, art has been used as a form of expression. Every generation in every culture has shown how art had been instrumental in documenting and communicating.

In fact, art therapy is a world recognised profession and has gained recognition as being a holistic and alternative treatment in times of global tragedies like Hurricane Katrina, earthquake in Haiti etc.

Art isn’t about being the next Picasso. The main purpose is to express oneself without holding back anything…
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