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Bael ka Sharbat – Health Benefits

Bael ka sharbat is a natural beverage extracted from the pulp of the Bael fruits. Bael/Bel fruit is hard and woody with sweet flesh inside which can be consumed fresh or dried. The fruit is loaded with several nutrients such as Vitamin C, beta-carotene, riboflavin, and proteins.  

Bael or Aegle marmelos, a native species of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, is also known as wood apple, golden apple, stone apple or Japanese bitter orange. Because of its amazing cooling property, Bel juice is considered as an ideal summer drink.

Nutritional Facts

Bael juice comprises vitamins, nutrients, organic compounds, fibre, phosphorous, calcium, iron, and protein. It is rich in antioxidants, polysaccharides, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. 100 grams of Bael includes 134 calories, 18gm carbohydrates, 7gm proteins, 3gm fat, 13% calcium, 6% iron and 3% vitamin C. 

Potential health benefits of Bael…

1/10. Controls diabetes

1. The active component of Bael, Feronia gum regulates insulin production from the cells into the bloodstream. It stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin thus, lowering blood sugar levels. 

2. The low glycemic index of bel also helps in preserving the blood sugar level.

3. Consuming a glass of Bael juice, every morning can be effective in people suffering from diabetes.

2/10. Useful in respiratory complaints

Bael juice is useful in curing respiratory complaints like cold or asthma. 

3/10. Helps treats gastric ulcers

1. Bael juice containing phenolic compounds which are filled with antioxidants help reduce gastric ulcers.

2. The viscous content of bael fruit juice helps in forming a coating on the stomach which aids in eradicating the ulcer.

3. The high tannin content of bael reduces inflammation.

4/10. Prevents and treats constipation

1. Bel is regarded as the best laxative. It helps in cleansing and toning the intestine thus, preventing constipation.

2. Regular consumption of bael juice is known to produce miraculous results in treating constipation. 

5/10. Treats diarrhoea and cholera

The presence of tannins, the anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties of Bael aids in fighting against shigellosis which causes diarrhea and cholera.

6/10. Helps controls cholesterol

Bel juice controls and reduces cholesterol. It controls triglycerides and lipid profiles.

7/10. Useful in skin complaints

Bael is quite effective in skin infections because of its anti-bacterial property. Bel proves to be a natural skin exfoliator.

8/10. Useful in preventing breast cancer

By eradicating the possible cancer cells, Bael sherbet effectively restricts the chances of breast cancer. Regular consumption of bael ka sharbat can prevent breast cancer.

9/10. Increases blood count

Bael fruit juice boosts blood count thereby managing haemoglobin and blood loss issues.

10/10. Other possible health benefits…

Bael Ka Sharbat is helpful in preventing heart strokes and attacks, has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, in improving breastfeeding, in treating haemorrhoids, vitiligo, anaemia and eye and ear disorders. It cures scurvy which is caused due to deficiency of vitamin C. Bael is also rich in calcium which is good for bone health and teeth. Presence of potassium is helpful in reducing the hypertension which, in turn, is good for heart health.

Bael fruit can help fight viral, bacterial infections, can help reduce inflammation.

How to make Bael ka Sharbat?

Open a medium-sized bael fruit and with the help of a spoon, scoop out the soft, brown pulp and remove the seeds.

Add a cup of water to the bael pulp, and let it soak for half an hour.

With the help of a blender, blend the juice.

Strain the juice and add jaggery, ½ spoon cardamom powder, ½ spoon cumin powder and pinch of salt. Pour the sherbet in a glass and serve.

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