Banana Pose – Kela Asana

Banana asana helps activate Heart, Gall Bladder And Lung Meridians. This asana is one such pose, which offers number of benefits…

1. Its helps in offering a perfect stretch to the whole side of body.

2. Stimulates the spleen in side bend position from the Ilio-Tibial (IT) band to the upper portion of the side Rib-Cage.

3. It helps stretching the side intercostals muscles in between the ribs along with the oblique stomach muscles.

4. You can get a nice stretch through your arm-pits as well.

Signs you should take care of

1. This pose often leads to tingling sensation on the hands while stretching the arms over your body. You may use bolsters for enhancing the comfort level.

2. If you suffer from any form of back-pain, you should avoid stretching too much in this asana.

How to start this asana?

1. Lie on the ground on a comfortable position with your chest upward

2. Pull your legs together and hands over your head clasped together. You can clasp your elbows as well, if you feel comfortable.

3. Now start bending to your side from the hip toward the upper portion of your body with the hands clasped together and head between both your hands.

4. Make sure that you are not rolling your hips and your hips are perfectly parallel to the ground while doing this side stretch.

5. Now move your legs tucked together and to the same side as you have bent your upper body. This bend should be archival and should be parallel to the ground without allowing hips to roll.

Optional alternative arrangements

1. While doing this stretch, you may bring your outer ankle in a crossing with the inner ankle so as to maximise the stretch.

2. You can cross, left over right or right over left, either way as per your convenience.

3. If you experience pinching sensation on your hands, try resting them on your chest and continuing this pose.

How to revert to normal/ counter pose

1. Gently come back to normal lying down position, with your legs straight and bring your hands down to your side.

2. You can bring your knees to your chest while hugging them as a counter pose.

3. You can also try circling your knees for better massage of lumber and sacrum.

Which part and organs of the body are affected?

1. This asana offers a perfect opening and stretch to the Gall Bladder meridian which runs along the side of the body.

2. While raising hands, this asana offers its impact on Heart and Lung meridians as well.

Joints affected directly by this asana

This asana helps in movement of rib cage and spine in a lateral flexion.

Recommended stretch of time

1. As this asana is one of the simplest asana for you as per your comfort level, you should stay in this asana from 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Depending upon your comfort level and flexibility this asana should be practiced for both side matching your rhythm and timing.

Some other benefits

This form often acts directly on your IT band. This is also a good exercise for movement of gluteus maximus and tensor fascia latae, which are attached with the IT band.

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