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Benefits of Breastfeeding for the new Mothers and baby

The article tries to describe certain possible benefits of breastfeeding for the new mothers. Needless to say, please consult your healthcare professional in case you need expert advise. 

Generally, most women can breastfeed but in rare cases like substance abuse, chemotherapy drugs, antiretroviral medications, radioactive iodine sedatives, seizure medication, the new mother can be advised against breastfeeding. Besides these, young mothers suffering from Infectious diseases, HIV, AIDS, active tuberculosis infection, herpes of the breasts should also not feed their new borns. In any case, the attending Doctors should educate on the dos and don’t along with the benefits of breastfeeding for the new mothers. 

The benefits breastfeeding and breast milk offers can help a new mother to overcome obstacles including serious issues like postpartum depression, pre & post menopausal breast cancers and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), in babies… and more. 

Breastfeeding is beneficial not only to the mother but also to the baby. It protects the baby; benefits health and makes life easier. Choosing whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed the newborn baby is ones own personal decision… In fact, it is one of the most crucial decisions that a new mother needs to take. 

Benefits of Breastfeeding for the new mothers…

There are several benefits offered by breastfeeding, be it physiological and psychological benefits for the mother. Some of the these benefits are mentioned below…

1/11. Decreases risk of various Cancers…

Decreases the risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancers; as the oestrogen levels are lower during lactation, lesser amounts of oestrogen are available to stimulate the tissues, thereby reducing the risk of cancers.  Chances of developing breast cancer are reduced by as much as 25 percent in mothers who breastfeed. The more the months or years a mother breastfeeds, the lesser are her chances of contracting breast cancer.

2/11. Lowers risk of developing calcium related concerns

Lowers the chance of developing osteoporosis, as the body of lactating mothers absorbs calcium more efficiently. Breastfeeding moms have reduced risk of hip fractures after menopause. Non-breastfeeding women can have a greater chance of developing osteoporosis as compared to the breastfeeding women.

3/11. Acts as a natural contraceptive for at least the initial six months.

Breastfeeding is helpful in maintaining space between two children, as breastfeeding leads to delayed ovulation; the longer a mother breastfeeds the more she is able to practice natural child spacing.

4/11. Lowers risk of anaemia and iron deficiency.

As menstruation is delayed by few months in breastfeeding mothers thus preventing anaemia due to reduced loss of blood through menstruation. 

5/11. Promotes emotional health and reduces postpartum depression.

Studies have revealed that breastfeeding mothers suffer from lesser postpartum anxiety and depression due to the emotional relationship and bond builds with her baby during breastfeeding. This relationship also leads to reduced anxiety and a stronger bonding with her baby.

6/11. Breastfeeding can help lose the pregnancy weight gain

Promotes faster postpartum weight loss as body’s process of producing milk, can help burn an extra 500 extra calories, on a daily basis.

7/11. Breastfeeding can help protect again diseases

Protects the mother from developing certain chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, etc.

8/11. The skin to skin touch can help cement the mother-child bond

Breastfeeding helps enhance mother’s bonding with the child, offering emotional satisfaction. 

9/11. Feeding can help help bring the uterus to pre pregnancy state

Better healing post delivery, as the hormone released while nursing the baby, helps contract the uterus & reducing post-delivery blood loss.

10/11. Mothers milk can help with the babies digestion and brain development

Mother’s milk is rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an essential omega-3 fatty acid, necessary for proper brain and eye development, in the new borns. Breast milk contains a fat-digesting enzyme, lipase, that aids an infant’s fat digestion.

11/11. Breastfeeding can be done on the go

Besides all the above mentioned benefits, breastfeeding is also convenient and easy on the family budget. Also the mother can conveniently be on the go, knowing that milk will be ready for the infant whenever he/she is hungry.

Considering the above mentioned aspects, breastfeeding is certainly full of advantages and benefits for new moms and the new borns. The positive short-term and long-term benefits of breastfeeding mothers should be a motivating aspect for the mothers to go ahead with breastfeeding.

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