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Benefits of Homeopathy

There are many benefits of homeopathy; this natural system of healing is based on the principle of self-regulatory mechanism that the body can cure itself, all it needs is a bit of support. Rather than focussing on the manifestation, this holistic approach works on the root cause; the source of manifested ailment. 

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic, scientific mode of therapeutics. It is a safe, rapid, gentle and harmless mode of treatment that utilises minute doses of well proved homeopathic remedies. The active ingredients used in homeopathy are plant, animal or mineral-based.

This system is generally considered as the second choice of treatment as primarily it is surrounded by several myths & misconceptions & secondly there is reduced awareness regarding the benefits of Homoeopathic system of medicine. 

Homoeopathy is effective in the treatment of diseases hence, it is essential to clarify the misconceptions and to be aware regarding the advantages and benefits of Homeopathy. 

Some of the health benefits of Homeopathy…
benefits of homeopathy medicine

1/14. Safe. It can be safely used by pregnant, lactating females, infants, children and old people as the effects of these drugs are already known.

2/14. Side Effects. The medicines fail to give rise to any adverse effects if correctly administered, as all the medicines are prepared from natural sources obtained from the plant, animal & mineral kingdom.

3/14. Gentle & Harmless. Homoeopathy is a gentle & harmless mode of treatment. The medicines are administered in minute doses and are devoid of any toxic substance hence, they are absolutely harmless. 

4/14. Permanent Relief. It believes in permanent elimination of the disease it fails to offer temporary relief. It removes the disease from the root cause. It fails to suppress the disease condition. 

5/14. Immunity. It helps in enhancing the immunity and resistance power of an individual by stimulating the body’s self-healing ability. The resistance of an individual is enhanced so that an individual fails to contract any disease easily. 

6/14. Prevention. Homoeopathic medicines act not only on the curative aspect but also on the preventive aspect. In Homoeopathy, there are medicines which can prevent an individual from contracting the contagious disease. Homeopathic medicine is quite beneficial during the outbreak of epidemics. 

7/14. Relapsing diseases. Homoeopathy has a wonderful scope in relapsing diseases. It removes the recurrent tendencies. It is quite effective in acute, long standing chronic and recurrent diseases. 

8/14. Surgery. In cases, where gross pathological changes have not taken place, Homoeopathy can avoid surgery. It also has good scope in pre & post operative conditions. 

9/14. Mental Disorders. Homeopathic remedies are competent of controlling the state of mind & can cure mental & emotional disturbed states. Hence, homoeopathy has immense scope in successfully treating mental conditions.  

10/14. Action. Homoeopathic medicines are quick in action. The action starts as soon as the medicine gets absorbed by the inner lining of the mouth.

11/14. Drug dependency. Homeopathy medicines are not addictive and they fail to lead to drug dependency. 

12/14. Cost effective. This holistic treatment is much cheaper as compared to the conventional treatment.

13/14. Child Friendly. Homeopathic medicines are usually dispensed as sweet sugar pills, which are sweet in taste hence, are readily taken by children.

14/14. Usage. Homoeopathic medicines can be used along with other forms of medicines. 

Above mentioned are some of the benefits of Homeopathy, which shall surely motivate one to approach this holistic and natural treatment for their health related issues.

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