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Savasana- The Corpse Pose

Common Name(s)Corpse Pose in English, Shavasana or Savasana in Sanskrit
MeridiansAll Meridians
ChakrasCrown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) , Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra)
ElementsThought, Air
Looks the easiest but can be toughest for a few… Savasana has immense benefits if practiced regularly.

Savasana, Shavasana or The Corpse Pose is a supine restorative posture resembles a dead body. This is done in lying down position with complete relaxation of the body, with stress removed from every muscle or joint and being mindful all through the exercise. It activates the Crown and Heart Chakras of the body. It balances two vital elements of the body- Thought and Air.

This asana affects all meridians of the body because bringing the state of relaxations removes all roadblocks in path of energy flows. Savasana also controls the elements of Thought and Air of our body.

It has tremendous benefits for improving concentration, curing insomnia, calming mind, releasing stress and fatigue and is a must before, during and after any traditional Hatha Yoga Class.

Savasana is a Meditative pose but not Meditation. It helps to relax and center the energy. Make sure the vibration is in Alpha State (Relaxed consciousness) and NOT in Theta State (Yoga Nidra).

Benefits of Shavasana pose

1/9. Help surrender to self and the moment. Savasana or the corpse pose is also known as the pose of surrender. In this asana, the practitioner has no option but to self accept and surrender to the present moment.

2/9. Best way of knowing the stress points in the body. These physical stress points are a manifestation of what is happening inside the mind. For example, intense and a sudden mental setback affects the “brain in the gut”. A sudden shouting down or depression can churn the emotions leading to close down of the Heart. We close up; we physically chain our heart center. We slouch; a pose of being down and out – shoulders hurt, back aches, breathing constricts.

3/9. Opening of this asana is inward focusing and brings the practitioner to the present by removing oneself from the day. The main aim of opening Shavasana is to bring the awareness on the quality of the breath and relax the system.

4/9. The Closing of this asana is done simply to relax, calm and sooth after a practice.

5/9. Helps declutter the Mind. It can bring the practitioner back to the baseline (de-clutter the mind) thereby can stop the oscillating decision-making process.

6/9. Helps heal on Cellular level. Can help heal, repair and rejuvenate not just the gross body but also on cellular level. For this asana to be effective, the breathing has to be relaxed and rhythmic. Optimized Breathing activates Para Sympathetic Nervous System – Oxygenated blood can flow to all corners of the body and the brain.

7/9. Benefits relaxing CNS. Due to its rest and relax nature, Shavasana benefits in relaxing the Central Nervous System (CNS) thereby can help in overcoming blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, stress and other lifestyle induced health issues.

8/9. Helps balance Dosha. Shavasana; the corpse pose is a grounding posture; it can benefit in overcoming the Vata Dosha (imbalanced Air element).

9/9. Helps deal with daily Stresses. Shavasana is a forced pause (relaxation) for the nervous, muscular, endocrine and other systems before life forces us to deal with the daily pressures and stresses again.

Contraindications of Savasana

Some of the precautions which shall be taken for practising Shavasana are-

1/3. Can induce Relaxation Induced Stress in people who either rush into a class or are hyper in nature or are going through a major life-altering event in their lives. In this posture, the Body and Breath are induced into R & R (Rest and Relaxation) mode, making the practitioner see the play of the mind clearly AND watching the play of the mind can be detrimental depending on the mental state.

2/3. Can trigger severe backaches… Please modify by either keeping the knees bend or hands/cushion under the back and the knees.

3/3. Pregnancy or Acid reflux… Women who are pregnant or people, who suffer from acid reflux, please keep the head propped up.

Do your best to relax in Savasana BUT if you find it difficult even after practicing for a while, make sure you atleast sit quietly.
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