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Correct Breathing is a Natural Detox

Rhythmic breathing and breath exercises help as a natural detox of not only the body but also the thought mind.

Do you know what the best way to detox is? It is not just fasting, eliminating diet, enemas, running, popping pills or any other cleansing techniques. Natural Detox is the one that’s absolutely free, automatic, without any adverse effect and you are doing it right now. Yes! It is correct breathing. It may be sounding too obvious to be true, but it is backed up many studies and health authorities.

Oxygen what matters the Most

Optimised levels of Oxygen helps in better absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food. It actually creates more of the immunity cells or white blood cells. It promotes better lymphatic drainage, which naturally leads to detoxification of the body.

Like Heart is the pump for blood circulation, breathing is the pump for lymph drainage

Diaphragmatic conscious breathing serves as a kind of pump for the lymphatic system. Any abnormality in the flow of lymph can lead to health problems, including weight gain, muscle loss, weakness, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue, and inflammation.

Our bodies are designed to eliminate 70 percent of its spent energy through breathing. Correct Breathing increases the rate of toxin elimination by as much as 15 times! Read on… Diaphragmatic Sine Wave Breathing.

Breathe correctly to boost lung efficiency

Lungs are one of the important eliminative organs for toxins and body wastes. In fact, just breathing correctly can expel 70% of body’s toxins out.

Diaphragmatic Breathing reaches the deepest depths of your lungs, opens up alveoli and helps to expel any toxins and pollutants that may have built up in the lungs.

Daily practice of sine wave conscious breathing is a vital way to keep the body clean, and provide your internal organs with the necessary oxygen to operate at optimum capacity.

Breathe to combat Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is the internal damage caused by excess of free radicals, which can contribute to aging, inflammation, heart diseases and even cancer.

Breathing exercises can significantly lower blood lactate levels and increase levels of antioxidants- superoxide dismutase, glutathione and catalase-and aids in natural detoxification.

Studies have shown that breathing exercises can reduce plasma malondialdehyde levels as well, which is a marker of oxidative stress.

Breathe to changes gene expression therefore better toxin elimination

We are aware of the claims that correct breathing boosts immunity by reducing stress. It makes sense as studies have shown that rhythmic, conscious breathing can modify expression of the genes involved in insulin secretion and signaling, immune function and metabolism of the body.

Undoubtedly, better immunity, improved metabolism and more balanced blood glucose can equip our body to process environmental toxins in a better way.

Correct breathing improve circulatory system. Helps assist in Natural Detox…

By improving circulation to liver, kidneys and skin, deep breathing allows other organs of our body involved in elimination and detoxification to work in an efficient way.

Diaphrgmatic Sine Wave Breathing helps drain lymph system

What is Lymphatic system? Lymphatic system drains cells, proteins, hormones, wastes and large particulate material that cannot be removed by the blood.

Some people consider lymphatic system as our body’s sewer system. Heart pumps blood, oxygen and nutrients to the body. Our cells swim in the lymphatic fluid. After absorbing oxygen and nutrients from the blood, our cells excrete waste products into the lymph.

Breathing is important as it makes our lymphatic system to work in an efficient way…

1/6. Breathing exercises empties great veins of the thorax into the heart in the upper chest and this helps in lymph drainage into the venous system through thoracic duct.

2/6. Breathing exercises maintains flow of blood through arteries and veins and control arterial and venous pressure. Fluctuations in the venous pressure can augment lymphatic flow.

3/6. During inspiration pressure inside the thorax decreases, this allows lymph to drain into the venous system.

4/6. During expiration, intra-thoracic pressure increases, this allows flow of lymph from the extremities.

5/6. During controlled breathing, due to contraction of abdominals, diaphragm and chest muscles, pressure difference is created in between thorax and abdomen. This pressure difference allows movement of lymph towards thorax.

6/6. Deep breathing exercises through autonomic effects promote lymphatic drainage by opening peripheral lymphatico-venous shunts (connecting lymph vessels and veins).

Breathing exercises are not just for use during a fast or other cleansing program, but are a recommended practice for all times of life. It gives a perfect opportunity, as your attention is focused more inwards and your intention is toward greater health benefits and well being.

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