Breathing right helps lose weight naturally

People who need to lose weight don’t take in enough oxygen; they just don’t breathe right.

When we breathe incorrect, ‘fight-or-flight’ sympathetic stress response is activated. Besides a systemic state of heightened ‘cortisol driven’ arousal, the body starts slowing down the perceived non-essential body systems and starts storing energy (glucose) for the impending attack. Primal instincts take over; glucose levels plummet in the brain.

Since glucose is crucial for the brain well being, it triggers the drive to eat which consequently increases blood sugar levels up to the norm.

This Blood glucose imbalance can become a vicious circle; over 75% people “naturally” gaining weight when they don’t breathe right.


Ideally the Body doesn’t like to hold onto the excess Fat…

The human body, with its millions of years of evolutionary process, always worked towards keeping itself optimized BUT with changing lifestyle we have become inefficient breathers and our bodies have no other choice but to ‘adapt’ resulting in the 21st century health; obesity being one of the biggest.

The only solution to lose weight is to optimise the blood sugar levels by oxygenating (correct breathing) and eating right food…

A person with normal breathing pattern takes about 2 hours to digest a regular meal whereas a compromised breather takes more than double the time to process the same food.

“Breathing incorrectly reduces CO2 (a muscle dilator) in the arterial blood, resulting in loss of tone of the intestines, which in turn produces extreme intestinal congestion leading to life threatening ailments including obesity.“


Breathing right keeps the delicate balance of Oxygen and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in check, keeping the body internal processes cleansed and optimized, thereby helping in natural weight loss.

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