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Build a Social Support Network

A friend in need is a friend indeed, thus goes the age old adage. Having a strong social support network helps one to cope with stress, depression and negative emotions quite easily.


When one has a strong feeling that he can count on his friends always, a person is more likely to face the world with confidence. Moreover, a strong network of friends implies that we will be more joyous, energetic and receptive to the liveliness of this existence.


Here are some tips to develop a strong social network.

1. We spend most of our week in office. So, we end up with our colleagues as friends. However, it does a world of good if we make friends outside our department and organization. Walk across to departments other than yours, chat with people and make friendships.

2. Try walking in the parks on weekends. If you walk regularly, you might find other regular walkers and could develop friendship with them.

3. Volunteer your time and skills in your nearest charity or in an organization which espouses a cause which matters to you. Go for outdoor group activities like trekking. There is a high probability of finding like-minded people in these places.

4. Relatives can also turn out to be good friends. Make a list of your relatives who share your interests and connect with them regularly.

5. Ensure you remain in touch with your friends. Your friends are not just for the not so good days. Their friendship should matter even in your good times.

6. Avoid people who make you feel stressed, depressed or angry.

7. Some people take time to connect with you at an emotional level. So, have patience.

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