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Building Self-Confidence

Self confidence is a key requisite to succeed in today’s world

Theodore Roosevelt, the former U.S. President, once said, ‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there’. Lack of self-confidence can even lead to shyness, which can again affect one’s prospects in life.

A research by Veronica Bennets of Stagecoach Theatre Arts School, published in 2013, found out that four out of ten people, who were surveyed, admitted that their shyness had contributed to a loss of a chance for promotion or pay rise.

The following are some of the Neuro-linguistic programming methods (NLP) to build and improve one’s self-confidence.

1. Think of and find out a gesture or a sound or a visual which makes you feel confident instantly. You can use this as a trigger anywhere and at any point of time to boost self-confidence.

2. Think about the time and event when you were overflowing with confidence. Reflect minutely on what went right during that event. Visualise it again and reflect on how you behaved during that time or event. Experience it completely, including the sounds, visuals and moods during the event. Let your mind re-register the event.

3. Visualise yourself as having a lot of good attributes. Imagine that you are overflowing with confidence. Feel as if you are standing in a front of crowd and they adore you. Visualise yourself as being separate from yourself, or rather imagine as if you are watching yourself as a separate person. Focus on this image for a while and come back to reality slowly.

In addition to NLP techniques, various affirmations, breathing and mindfulness meditation techniques are also said to boost one’s confidence level considerably.
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