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Health Benefits of ‘Buttermilk’ Chaach

Buttermilk is a common drink in several of the Indian households. Though technically buttermilk is the liquid that is leftover when butter is churned out from cream BUT in India, buttermilk is also known as ‘Chaas’ or ‘Chaach’.

Buttermilk ‘Chaach’ is often confused with mattha (spicer version, also called Spiced Buttermilk or Masala Buttermilk) and lassi (churned curd). A derivative of curd, consuming this buttermilk ‘Chaach’ in summer keeps the body cool and helps combat fatigue and dehydration. This drink is nutritious and light on the stomach.

Nutritional value of Buttermilk ‘Chaach’

Buttermilk is low in fat and calories. The nutritional value of one cup of buttermilk is 99 calories and fat content is 2.2 grams. It contains 12 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of proteins. Buttermilk is rich in calcium, sodium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and potassium.

Potential health benefits of Buttermilk ‘Chaach’ …

1/9. Aids Digestion & Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders

1. The ginger, cumin and pepper content of buttermilk are good digestive agents. They expel gas from the stomach.

2. Buttermilk is a rich content of probiotics, which helps built healthy bacteria in the stomach. Healthy bacteria help in digestion and in fighting against several digestive conditions.

3. The ginger and pepper ingredient of chaach reduce the burning sensation felt during acidity. Further, chaas decrease stomach irritation and cool the stomach giving relief.

4. It also helps in the treatment of anemia, gastrointestinal conditions, cancer of colon, stomach infections, loss of appetite and spleen complaints.

2/9. Soothes The Stomach After A Spicy Meal

1. After a spicy meal, when buttermilk is taken, it washes out the spices and relaxes the irritated lining of the stomach.

2. The cumin, curry leaves and pepper ingredients of buttermilk too help relieve the stomach irritation caused by spicy food.

3/9. Washes Down The Fats

Chaas cleanses the intestines by washing down the fat, ghee or oil that coats the inner walls of the stomach.

4/9. Effective in Dehydration

As 90% of buttermilk is water, the consumption of buttermilk helps maintain the water balance of the body.  Hence, it is quite effective in dehydration. Therefore, buttermilk decreases summer-related complaints.

5/9. Reduces Cholesterol and Blood pressure

Abundance of bioactive proteins is present in buttermilk helps in reducing cholesterol. Drinking buttermilk regularly significantly lowers blood pressure.

6/9. Ideal for Skin-related Complaints

1. The lactic acid & milk proteins content of chaach aid in brightening the skin tone, rejuvenating the dead skin and offer a smooth texture to the skin.

2. Application of buttermilk on the skin helps in treating spots, discolouration, and blemishes.

3. The lactic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid of chaach lighten and exfoliate the skin colour.

4. The lactic acid content and moisturising properties of chaach eradicates tanning of the skin and enhances the skin healing process.

7/9. Detoxifies the Body

1. The riboflavin content of chaach activates the cell enzymes which aids in the production of energy.

2. Riboflavin aids in optimising liver function.

8/9. Role in Bone Growth and Osteoporosis

Chaach been a rich source of calcium slows down bone loss, supports new bone growth, strengthens bones and may prevent osteoporosis.

Calcium aids in maintaining bone density.

Calcium further offers nourishment to the tissues of the heart and other organs.

9/9. Other possible health benefits…

Chaach or buttermilk is a natural therapy against ulcers and heartburn. It protects against thrush. It can be used as mouthwash for having good oral health. It is also useful against sunburns and cold and boosts immunity in general. It is a good alternative for lactose intolerant people and can also help in cases of insomnia.

Besides being nutritious and a thirst quencher, riboflavin compound found in buttermilk supports liver function, a key process of body detoxification.

How to make Buttermilk ‘Chaach’?

Grind cumin, pepper, curry leaves, ginger, coriander leaves, and chilies.

Whisk yogurt and water. Add the ground mixture and salt to the whisked yogurt and water.

Stir well and serve cold.

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