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Money – Can Money buy you Happiness?

Money gets you Rich BUT not necessarily Happy..

Money is what all of us want, but not what we really need. Money can buy you all the things in the world, but not anything out of that list. Maybe money is not all that important as you think it is…

Does this sound very demotivating for your ambitious soul? If then, trust me that is not what I am saying. You need to think big and make it big. Build all those dream things you wanted to BUT in your race to fulfil all your dreams, do remember what is most important in life.

Yes! You need money, but to live; you need much more than that…

1/9. You have it but no one to celebrate it with
too much money, no happiness. imagine this scenario where you are as rich as you wanted to be, but in a lonely planet.

What else could be all that important in life other than money. Okay, imagine this scenario where you are as rich as you wanted to be, but in a lonely planet. You can buy fancy cars, jewelries, huge house, and all your favourite things, but there is no single human being around you.

This often happens to people…

In their attempt to build empires, they often neglect to acknowledge the whole importance of the loved ones. You may eventually get rich, but there is no one to celebrate it with.

2/9. Do not mix success with money
too much money, no happiness. Success is when you achieve your dreams and get best at it, not richest at it.

If you think that to get successful means is to get rich, then clearly not. Success is when you achieve your ambition, and no ambition is to get rich.

Your ambition is to become a top architect, a well-known journalist, a well reputed doctor, and none of these are related to money.

You cannot measure a writer’s success by his bank balance. A very rich criminal is not really a successful person.

Success is when you achieve your dreams and get best at it, not richest at it.

3/9. Money is never enough
too much money, no happiness. Nobody is ever satisfied however rich they get, Embrace  what you have earned till now, and be proud of it.

Nobody is ever satisfied however rich they get, and they simply need more and more. Dissatisfaction does not have an end when it comes to money. But rather, if you just decide to remain happy and content about it, you can then appreciate the value of it.

Embrace your success and what you have earned till now, and be proud of it.

Learn how to spend wisely, rather than being disappointed about not being able to spend for the things you want to. Maybe all those things that you crave for are not all that great. The expensive gym in which you want to take membership can be compensated with a refreshing long and peaceful walk in a park. The international brand clothes could be replaced by the amazing designs you get in your local market.

Sometimes, lot of things that look great from the outside are not all that great and Yes! There is no guarantee that they will give you happiness.

4/9. Being busy, almost always, is not all that awesome
being busy, almost always. in the quest to earn more and more, make sure you do not leave your family and friends too far behind..

Your family and friends are definitely happy about the careers that you have built, but what they need the most is your time. Your baby girl wants to spend time with you playing games and watching movies. Your spouse might miss the romantic dinner dates you both used to go together.

Your friends might be missing the same old good friend of theirs with whom they loved spending time.

The more you run away from these in your thirst for money, the more detached you will be from the most important things in your life.

5/9. Money alone should not decide your real worth
money alone shouldn't decide your worth. money alone doesnt decide your worth otherwise richest would have be the happiest and most loved.

Sorry to say this, your real worth is not decided by your house, car or bank balance. Your worth is measured in terms of how much you are available to care, love and support.

You are going to be loved for the person you are, your ability to love people and become selfless.

You are going to be respected for the decisions that you have made. You are going to be appreciated for the value you uphold throughout your life. You are going to be valued only and only if you are a good person at heart.

6/9. Little things that lose importance
little things should not lose importance.

When you get really rich, it is true that you can become really cool in your new fashion clothes, daily meals at star hotels and fancy restaurants, but no tea is going to taste better than that of the chaiwala who sold tea outside your college. Ice-creams are no more precious to you, all the things that you treasured in your childhood gradually start losing their value and importance if you judge them just by money.

This is what happens when everything is under your control; they just end up losing their importance.

7/9. O! the joy of carelessness…
a little 'carelessness' can help reboot happiness

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the race… For once do something that does not come in your get rich protocol.

Go on a long vacation with your best friends, take your family for a picnic, or simply organise a family get together. Because, end of the day, that is all that matters. Not how much money you managed to make, but how many memories you managed to create.

8/9. Too much money can douse excitement
too much money can douse excitement and happiness

You are a much more exciting person if you prefer tents rather than palaces. Why always go by the traditional conventional norms? Study well, get a job, ear money, become rich, retire rich and die poor? You know your life gets rich only if its rich in experiences.

Take risks; take your dream job rather than a well-paid job. Go off-beat, and enjoy all that life has to offer you. Take part in all adventures and roller coaster rides, and not regret it.

9/9. Those fights and battles.. Are they worth it?
are the all fights and battles more than happiness

Sometime you have into break into fight with your important people for the sake of money. Our courts are flooded with all property inheritance cases where siblings fight with each other for money. That moment, they have put on stake all their beautiful past experiences where they supported each other, and just fight for the sake of money.

All these fights, the property cases, divorce settlements, and everything are they all worth sacrificing the most valuable relations in life?

Has money superseded every single value that we were raised with?

There is much more to life than money. It is definitely not the penny that counts at the end of the day, but how many peaceful nights you have spent without bothering about the penny.

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