Chakra imbalance and related ailments

It’s been estimated that over 90% of Doctor visits are due to ailments, which are psychosomatic in nature; initiated in the mind and reflected in the physical body.

The article is a simplistic understanding of the inner ‘chakra’ causes and their resultant outer ‘illness and ailments’ manifestation…


Ailments and illnesses exhibit in the Chakra system before the physical body

Whenever there is an imbalance or blockage in one part of the chakra system, it has an impact on all the other chakra.

Imbalance occurs when there is imbalanced energy flowing through the chakra and by understanding how every chakra influences and affects a body part, function and life issue, it is possible to identify where a chakra is imbalanced and what ailment or illness it is triggering.

It is generally believed that the imbalances in the chakra consciousness starts in our childhood and societal experiences and one of the way we protect oneself is by closing down the relevant chakra consciousness so we don’t feel those uncomfortable emotions.

The process keeps repeating all our lives resulting in not only flawed chakra flow but also results in various diseases, ailments and illnesses.

To heal ourselves, we need to nurture our relationship with our own self. We need to examine our belief systems and change the ones that are outdated and no longer serve us.


A few Health problems and illnesses and their Chakra association.

Please note all illnesses should be examined within the totality of the person. This just gives you a likely place to start looking for related issues…

1. Abdominal Cramps Base and Sacral Chakra underactive – Poor grounding of Base & Sacral Chakra.

2. Stomach Problems Base Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra – Digestion and Metabolism – fire element. Survival issue.

3. Ulcers Solar Plexus Chakra overactive – Excessive stomach heat/fire.

4. Indigestion Solar Plexus Chakra overactive/underactive – Sluggish and imbalanced metabolism. Too much fire.

5. Bowels issues Base Chakra – Extremes of holding on and letting go.

6. Food Allergies Base Chakra underactive – Difficulty integrating physical world, mother energy.

7. Anxiety Base Chakra underactive, Solar Plexus Chakra conflicted – Fear of grounding, excessive ill directed energy.

8. High Blood Pressure Solar Plexus Chakra overactive – undirected energy.

9. Bones Problems Base Chakra underactive – Difficulty with physical structure, lack of support.

10. Chronic Fatigue Solar Plexus Chakra is overactive/underactive – Excessive and persistent pushing resulting in exhaustion.

11. Eczema Solar Plexus Chakra overactive – Irritation, excess un-utilized energy.

12. Headaches Brow Chakra overactive/Crown Chakra conflicted – A confused state of excess pressure to see and/or understand.

13. Insomnia Base Chakra underactive/Solar Plexus Chakra & Brow Chakra overactive – Poor grounding, too much energy, over thinking, rationalizing and intellectualizing.

14. Itching Sacral Chakra overactive – Blocked sexual and/or sluggish emotional release.

15. Obesity Base Chakra deficient/ Solar Plexus Chakra underactive – Need to use weight to ground, blocked fire.


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