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Chakra Meditation is Mind Management

Chakra Meditation starts the moment you start gainfully employing the mind. It comes from the science of observing and managing how one thinks, reacts and its resultant reactions on ones body, nerve plexus and the associated endocrine “sangam” points.

Chakra Meditation has many proponents, each with a different way to approach the meditation process. But, ultimately, all of these processes converge at the same benefits by focussing on the chakra present inside the human mind and the manifested body parts. 

In the context for yoga, chakra could be denoted as a whirlpool of unlimited life supporting energy, that has ability to pull and push any energy which matches its vibration.

Essentially chakra mirror the environment… Coming in contact with negativity of negative people or news can be pulled in by one or more chakra, affecting the mental or physical state of the individual concerned. The same is true for the constructive energy. 

Sadness, fears, phobias and sinking feeling is very common in the modern world and can happen to anyone and for a variety of reasons. Most of these issues affect people for reasons beyond ones comprehension and beyond the understanding of the mind. The cycle ‘chakra’ goes on…

Chakra meditation leads to uncontaminated awareness

With the help of meditation, many people are nowadays able to find ways to realise the causes of their stress and anxiety. With gradual practice and undertaking courses, they are able to manage the associated emotions. 

In chakra meditation, the controlled flow of pranic energy starts from the earth and then moves upwards through the bottom one (Root/ Muladhara) to top most one (Sahasrara/ Crown). During this upward journey, energy is processed at each chakra, which either benefits or harms the body parts associated with it depending on the way energy was handled. 

With energy gaining ascension, unblocking each chakra on its way, the practitioner also inches towards the states of uncontaminated awareness. 

This uncontaminated awareness can give rise to Kundalini Awakening

The practice of balancing each Chakra through Meditation is also known as the ‘Process to Awaken Kundalini’ – the untapped Human Potential. Practitioners experience a variety of sensations as they learn to channelize this released energy. The sensation can be in the thought mind and/or the associated physical body part.

Anyone aiming to rise above the daily drudgeries of life, wishing to live with no worry of physical or mental ailments, must learn to release the restrained energy through Chakra Meditation. 

Ideal Chakra Meditation duration is…

The ideal duration of chakra meditation is anything between 15-30 minutes a day, if practising it in a controlled environment. The benefits can last the whole day. By concentrating on chakra, the practitioner can learn to channalising the flow of energy and maintain the equilibrium required to attain overall wellness.

Follow to set procedure, if you starting off…

To really benefit from Chakra Meditation, one must follow the specified procedure, a procedure personalized for your mind-body needs. Incorrect procedure or inappropriate method can disturb the balance of Chakra, leading to physical illness or some psychological complication. The chakra imbalance simply means that the chakra is either under-active or over-active.

Help yourself transform you… Chakras and Meditating around them is the basic fundamental to LIFE if one decides to tread the path of spiritual healing. Chakra meditation has the potential to transform your way of living life for good.

The primary 7 Chakra

Chakras can be differentiated according to their unique characteristics and the ability to influence the thought process/the related body part and the associated energy Centre. The odd numbered Chakras i.e. 1, 3, 5 (leaving the 7th out) are “masculine” in nature and the even numbered Chakras, 2, 4, 6 are “feminine” in nature. Read on… The 7 Chakra: Know the Seven Chakra Life energy

Basic Sitting Chakra Meditation

This chakra meditation is a rudimentary and focuses only on the beej ‘Seed” mantra of each chakra. Take the help of a guide understand it and to take your practice deeper…

How to prepare…

1. Search for a peaceful spot, which would give you calm and quietness when you start meditating. As you learn to master the stillness and quietness around (it happens overtime), in future you shall be able to meditate anywhere and everywhere, even in the noisiest of places too.

2. Switch off all the phones and anything technological around you; light an aromatic candle and place some flowers in a vase beside you, or even an incense lit could help raise the vibrations around.

3. Switch off all the lights or dim them, it helps calm the sensory nerves.

4. Sit upright and do not slouch, if needed, use pillows or a soft cushion to support the back and your head. If the meditation is being done in a garden, use the trunk of a tree as support.

Let the Meditation begin…

1. Be very mindful of your breathing pattern. The moment your mind wanders while meditating (which is normal in the beginning), come right back to focus on your breath and keep calm

2. Take deep and slow breaths, in and then out to release. Notice the body sensations you experience, as your breath goes in and out. Your body would expand with inhaling and would contract while exhaling, feel the breath pass through your nose and mouth. 

3. While taking and letting out each breath, the stillness is what would overwhelm you. And when other thoughts try to take over, come back to focus on your breath.

Do not force it…

Do not expect too much when you first start out, and focus on your breath and autosuggestions as much as possible. If you do break your concentration in the first few seconds (which happens), its okay! This is normal for beginners, and as time goes by, you shall master the art of meditating. 

Do not expect miracles! The art and science of chakra meditation has its own natural path to chart for you, appreciate it in its natural wholeness. For some it takes days, for the rest it takes months, be dedicated with your timings and let the energies around help you absorb the power of meditations for your benefit. 

1/7. Root Chakra Meditation

Breathe to reach to your root chakra position in the physical body. Breathe as deep as possible into your navel area and imagine a light penetrating through the root chakra. This would be physical energy in the form of a red light, and it starts from your root chakra where everything is in balance.

Spend time here; imagine the red light making itself stronger around the crotch region and the spinal base. This would keep you grounded and help you manifest what you want in your daily life too.

Conceptualise the flow of power of fire and energy through the chakra, saying to yourself that you respect your needs that you are what you are.

Put autosuggestions into your mind.. ‘I am here, now’, ‘I have a right to be here’, and ‘I am connected to the ground, to the root’. Read on… Root Chakra

2/7. Sacral Chakra Mediation

Breathe complete and strong, which would allow the energy to get stronger as it spins. Next, move to the pubic area/ belly button and through the eyes of your mind do that. This is the sacral chakra, where an orange glow of positive energy needs to spin.

Breathe deep and strong, which would allow the glow to get stronger as it spins. Let this orange glow remove all the stress, stuck emotions and discomfort you have in life.

Put autosuggestions into your mind.. ”I am radiant, well adjusted and strong and enjoy healthy relationships”. Read on…  Sacral Chakra

3/7. Solar Plexus Meditation

Navel chakra represents your balanced ego and personal power. Now move to the yellow charka, also known as the solar plexus. This is an inch above the belly button. This is where the energy gets stronger and releases all the negativity you may be suffering from.

Breathe deep and picture it flowing and rebalancing itself.

Breathe in to and out of this chakra and energize it by internally autosuggesting ”I am bigger than my ego, I am full and complete”, “I’m here now and am more than enough”. Read on… Solar Plexus

4/7. Heart Chakra Meditation

Raise yourself above your physical being. Now we come to your heart chakra, which is a green color of emotions. Love yourself deeply at this point and allow the consciousness to expand.

Picture this scenario from your mind’s eyes and keep your heart open for an exchange of communications with the world around you. The green blob is of peace and harmony, and allow your heart to absorb it all

Breathe into the heart and experience the inflow of fresh energy from the ether and internally remind yourself… “I’ve absolute admiration for my world” and “I share absolute love with the self and one and all”. Read on… Heart Chakra

5/7. Throat Chakra Meditation

The next chakra would be your throat chakra, the beautiful blue glow around the vocal chords and the neck, which aids in communication.

This should be visualized as open and easy for breathing too.

This is where you give back love to the world and feel the vibration of unrestricted clear expression.

Conceptualising the vastness of the sky, utter the words “I speak, only the truth”, I’m absolute truth”, I’m here now”. Read on… Throat Chakra

6/7. Third eye Chakra Meditation

Then move on to agnya chakra of the third eye region. The third eye chakra is the next stop, where an indigo ball of energy spins. This is between the eyes and a little above it. This is the center for vision, where you get to be intuitive and solve all issues too.

The third eye would tell you about the future, and this gets stronger by the moment you breathe deep and visualize it well.

Repeat the breathing process and repeat the words… “I’m here now”. “Let things reveal as needed be”, “I’m a mere observer”. Read on… Third eye Chakra

7/7. Crown Chakra Meditation

Crown chakra represents supreme attainment and self-enlightenment. Finally, we reach the crown chakra, which is just above the third eye.

This is what many say the gateway to nirvana or heaven. And you now are in the greatest part of the divines love, where enlighten happens and peace surrounds you.

It is the storehouse of inner power and wisdom. In inaudible voice, keep on saying, “I’ the whole.  “Aham Brahmasmin”, “I’m the Universe”. Read on… Sahasrara Chakra

For reverting to normalcy, guide your breath to the centre of your physical body and simultaneously feeling your body, environment, air and sounds around you. Opening your eyes steadily, get your body acclimatised with the physical world.

The above-mentioned chakra have their own distinct identity and consciousness. Please contact a chakra master for guided sessions…

A balance of the chakras is a must for happy and peaceful well-being. Chakra Meditation and cleansing should be done at least once a month. Meditation can bring in answers where science fails to provide one.

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