Moksha Mantra

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Chant hymns or religious songs

Singing for religious purposes or religious chants is common across all religions.

Singing and Chanting hymns are considered as an expression of human love and gratitude to the Divine. From Judaism to Christianity and from Buddhism to Hinduism, every religion has a rich collection of hymns.

For those people who find it tough to meditate or chant a mantra, hymns give the opportunity to calm the stressed mind and develop positive vibes.

If you are new to singing hymns, try finding one or a group of hymns which appeals to you. Make sure that the hymns are simple and easy to sing. Try understanding the meaning of the hymns you wish to sing.

If you wish to sing alone, find a quiet room in your home to sing.

Schedule a fixed time to sing. It could be the weekends or on evenings during the weekdays.

Make sure that you will not be distracted during the singing session by way of phone calls, text messages or family members.

If you wish to sing in a group, try enquiring in the neighbourhood about religious music groups, so that you can sing along with them.

Do not bother about your tone or voice.

Hymns are more about your love for the divine and less about your musical qualities.

If you get distracted during the session, don’t worry about it. Try continuing with your singing session.

Make sure that you don’t disturb your family members by way of your singing.

If you are seriously ill, refrain from singing.

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