My Journey | Aashish Nanda: Couple of life debilitating health issues was necessary for me to leave the safety of corporate world and to embark on the final leg of my journey in becoming a full-time Wellness Facilitator.

I still remember the day when my Doctor made me aware of my failing health. Perpetual Stomach issues, recurring fevers, duodenal ulcers, underlined & obvious stress, massive weight gain, a herniated disk made me look and feel beyond my years. My energy level was always rock bottom.

I had to make lifestyle changes… I worked through my limitations and turned to yoga for regaining my health. With time, I was feeling better. Things were in my control again.

 Lightening can strike twice… One random evening in November 2010, I started itching all over as if I have been bitten by thousands of bugs. What followed was pure living hell…skin discoloration and constant high voltage itching made it impossible for me to function. I could be out with my clients and, all of a sudden, I would start burning up. What triggered off an episode was way beyond comprehension of doctors…vague explanations like “a mite bite”, “eczema/psoriasis” or maybe the dreaded “C”, I had my share of diagnosis/medicines/steroids…

 Nothing worked! Medical bills rose. I had run out of choices – more than a year of suffering something unnamed – I lost control of my life.   I had a few moments of sanity but that was it.

 Till one day desperation to find a cure or end it all drove me to start self-assessing…I read like a maniac…poured over medical sites, went over my symptoms with a microscope…talked to people and many misses later, I had a hit…maybe I had dental (amalgam) mercury poisoning. My Doctors agreed…

 My system was on the verge of a collapse… My life, as I knew it, was over, YET it became the best day of my life; a rebirthing process. Conventional treatments did not work…


I took charge of my own health…Yoga and Panch Bhuta philosophy became integral part of my life. I spent months and years focused on reclaiming my health. I started transforming for the better.

 Today, I feel fitter and healthier than what I was years back. Yes! I do suffer from mercury poisoning side effects, from time to time, but it is an exception now rather than the norm.

 I continue to experiment on myself to improve my health and I am sure I will continue to make changes throughout my life as I discover new truths and my body-mind changes.

 My experiences during all of this changed my view of medicine and inspired me to be part of a different approach to healthcare. Modern medicine works scientific miracles with acute care medicine, but it neglects preventative care.

 Holistic Well-Being is my LIFE MANTRA now. I wish for the day when everyone else should also do the same and address their health issues holistically.


At Moksha Mantra, a well-being website, my focus is to decipher the ‘mystery behind the mystery’. The website is a place where the mystical side of ancient wisdom meets the new age scientific understanding of well-being.

From time to time, to financially sustain myself, I conduct regular well-being sessions, workshops and retreats in India and around.

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