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How to control menopausal mood swings?

Around 50% of women experience mood swings during menopause.

Menopause is a physiological condition which is experienced by every female during her lifetime. This condition is generally accompanied by certain physiological & emotional symptoms. 

Some of the troublesome symptoms of menopause are hot flashes; night sweat; vaginal dryness; weight gain; mood swings; decreased libido; urinary tract infections; frequent urination; fatigue & insomnia.  

Mood swings are considered to be one of the most commonly experienced emotional symptoms of menopause. Mood Swings are described as sudden, extreme or rapid fluctuations in mood. During mood swings, women may often react to the smallest things with unexplainable anger or irritability.

Tips to manage Mood Swings
  • Mood swings can be quite frustrating and disturbing not only for the menopausal woman but also for her family, as such abrupt mood outbursts shall disturb everyone surrounding that woman. 
  • Mood swings can hamper the home life and cause unnecessary stress. Hence, it is essential to find ways to effectively manage these mood swings.
1/3. Lifestyle Modifications…

Simple alterations in lifestyle can offer a significant positive impact on mood swings. Few such lifestyle modifications that can be adapted are as follows:

  • Encourage plenty intake of water.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol & tobacco.
  • Ensure that you get adequate sleep. 
  • Avoid caffeine & increased sugar intake. 
  • Include increased intake of soy in the diet.
  • Get some fresh air as it helps in lifting the mood. 
  • Reduce stress levels by practicing yoga or meditation. 
  • Include vitamin B12 in the diet as it is crucial in raising mood.
  • Consume small and regular meals rather than consuming larger meals.
  • Keep yourself engaged by involving in a hobby that nurtures your mind & body.
  • Discuss with your partner and friends. Let them know what you are going through.
  • Increase intake of magnesium supplements; as low levels of magnesium results in low mood. 
  • Increase intake of diet rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids as it helps reduce mood swings.
  • Performing regular exercises which can help boost levels of serotonin, which in turn improves the mood.
  • Consume amino acid Tryptophan as it promotes serotonin production which produces a positive effect on the mood.
  • Consume foods that enhance serotonin levels such as wholemeal bread, peas, eggs, green vegetables, pulses, seeds, apricots, nuts, and beans.
2/3. Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT)…
  • HRT shall replace the hormones that have declined during menopause thus; it shall improve hormonal mood swings linked with menopause.
  • HRT is the fastest treatment for mood swings but it is linked with few side effects. More on HRT…
3/3. Medications…
  • Mild antidepressants may be required to lessen depression & anxiety.

All these above-mentioned tips and tricks shall be quite helpful in alleviating mood swings due to menopause. Adapting these tips shall help a woman to smoothly past through this phase of menopause.

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