Correct Breathing helps improve Sex Life

Specialized PC strengthening breathing exercises, along with conscious and correct breathing can go a long way in getting your sex life and libido back.

Unlike many species of living animals, humans can have sex anytime and under any circumstances. Most mammals usually express their sexual drive during the period of estrus, but humans can be aroused and can indulge in sex almost on a daily basis and even at random times of the day.


The main reason behind this is the hormone known as ‘dopamine’. The sex in humans is regulated with the limbic system of the brain and is often controlled by a region in the limbic brain known as ‘reward circuitry’. The level of dopamine determines the urge to get attracted to sex with a partner. There are other hormones that also accentuate a desire for sex in humans.

For example the love-Oxytocin, which is better known as an anti-stress hormone, also makes a person feel calm and connected, gears up the desires for sexual receptivity and enhances libido, with other effects such as enhancing positive feelings, facilitating learning and improving the urge for love.

Another hormone, phenylethylamine (PEA), which is better known as the stimulant for mood and attention, also supplements the sexual urge in concurrent action with the level of dopamine along with the androgen receptors.

When a person attains orgasm, there is a reflexive hormone ‘Prolactin’ starts flowing, which inverses all the effects of Dopamine, Oxytocin, androgen receptors and PEA and brings the body to show withdrawal symptoms. With high level of prolactin there is loss of libido and sexual urge, which abstains a person for showing interest in sex. The more there is prolactin in the body the more there is sexual break and the more there is altered mood for any sexual orientation.


How breath is related to Sexual Life:

As it has been researched through many scientists across the world, breath helps in rejuvenating the body balancing the hormonal flows and maintaining the hormones at levels. The breath can help in oxygenation of the cells and enhance the power receptor performance, thereby balancing the internal hormonal flow. Many people suffer from loss of libido and irregular sexual activities and loss of attraction. Correct breathing techniques can help in:


Oxygenation helps increase stamina

Breathing helps in proper oxygenation of body cells and thereby helps in more stamina to perform sexual activities


Breathing correctly regulates blood pressure

Diaphragmatic Breathing through nostrils, can help in less physical exhaustion and help in regulating the blood pressure level so as to lengthen the orgasm.


Correct Breathing exercises, in men, help maintain erection for long

Correct breathing, in men, helps balance Nitric Oxide, which helps muscles to relax and induce vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels thereby helping maintain erection for long period of time.


Breathing helps with emotional connect

Tandem breathing (breathing in harmony with your partner) helps in enhancing the emotional connections. It may feel silly at the beginning, but has quite a positive effect on the emotional attraction and bonding.


Focus on Breathing has calming effect

Attention on breathing brings a person back from the control of autonomic nervous system, thereby offering a relaxed state of mind, which can reduce anxiety in sexual experience

Attentive breathing also reduces stress on the mind and as a result enhances effectiveness of sex on either partner.


Effect of Breath on Partner

Have you ever tried breathing on the skins of your partner during intimate moments? It could have wonderful effects on him or her. Caressing is part of sexual activity and performing it on intimate parts of your partner’s physique, especially on neck, stomach, and below the ears could have scintillating results.


Breathing exercises can help enhance arousal and elongate pleasure

Proper breathing can restrict the level of cortisol and restrict the flow of Prolactin so as to rejuvenate a body for active sexual activity. A healthy mind effectively produces more dopamine and Oxytocin, which supplements in enhanced arousal and interest for sexual activity.

According to Mantak Chia, a well-known Taoist… A person can control orgasm and attain multiple orgasm with gradual strengthening and deepening of breath. He emphasizes on abdominal breathing to resist the urge to ejaculate and smoothen the rate of blood flow into genitals, thereby elongating the pleasure for sustained ecstasies.

Aashish Nanda

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