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Seventh Chakra: Crown ‘Sahasrara’ Chakra

Crown Chakra… The Master Chakra. Every element of all the chakra is here… We are all One… ‘The Infinite Reality’. This chakra has been assigned the Violet or White colour. The symbol of crown chakra is a lotus flower with a thousand petals. This is the seventh chakra out of the seven chakra.

The person centered in Crown chakra will know the unknown and be conscious of the infinite and will have experienced a reality beyond the realm of the senses. This chakra is the path of Jnana and karma yoga; the selfless service to the mankind.

We master our own self when making a difference becomes a way of life, and we embrace the concept of self-less service.

Identity or Meaning of Crown Chakra: Thought, Wisdom – To Know ‘Aham Brahmm Asmi’. Universal Consciousness, Self-Realisation, Self Knowledge

Do you identify with any of these?

When crown chakra is activated and balanced, this can be judged by the answers to these questions-

1. Are you a spiritual addict?

2. Are you a religious extremist?

3. Do you over-intellectualization?

4. Are your beliefs turning rigid?

5. Do you feel confused or depressed?

6. Do you catch yourself dominating others?

7. Do you feel a higher power governing life?

8. Do you feel inspired, open to new ideas?

9. Are you in a state of meditation almost always?

10. Are you thankful to universe for all that you are?

11. Have you become sensitive to light, sound and other environmental factors?

12. Are you a Spiritual cynic? Do you believe that the human condition is all there is?

Development Stage: Throughout life

When the Crown Chakra is balanced:

1. You feel a universal connect and self-consciousness.

2. You become wise, open-minded and develop wisdom.

3. You develop a faith beyond what is physically sensed.

4. You develop an ability to stop thinking – a no mind state.

5. You develop a sense of oneness; “one is all and all is one”.

6. You can see beyond the sensory illusion and perceptions.

7. You feel peace, contentment and acceptance in everything.

8. You develop an ability to enjoy physical pleasures without becoming addicted.

Healing therapy for Crown Chakra:

The crown chakra can be activated by following practices-

1. Jnana Yoga.
2. Meditation.
3. Examine belief systems.
Karma Yoga, selfless service to mankind.
5. Re-establish physical, emotional and the spirit connect.

Physical properties of Crown chakra:

Physical location – The location of Crown Chakra is the skull.

Gland association – PINEAL GLAND.

Hormones – Melatonin, human growth hormone, oxytocin.

Nervous plexus – Brain, Cerebral plexus.

Body system association – Nervous system.

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