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Decaf Coffee Health Benefits

Who doesn’t like a cup of hot coffee? Whether it is the morning or in the evening, coffee is something that is always warming, loving and invigorating. Coffee is filled with so many health benefits BUT at the same time creates problem if you are overdoing it.

Whatever may be the case, a healthy dosage of coffee is surely going to benefit you a lot. But what is the case with caffeine sensitive people? Should they really miss the health benefits of this healthy product? The answer is No and the solution is… Decaf Coffee.

One simply thing that can be understood from the name is that, this type of coffee is without the caffeine content but is flush with all the antioxidant benefits.


What is the exact need of Decaf Coffee?

So before the decaf coffee benefits are highlighted, let us take a look at some of the possible negative effects of caffeine.

1. Headaches: It is seen that many people suffer from tremendous headache after drinking several cups of caffeinated coffee in a day. And the same goes during the withdrawal period. The thing that initiates the headache episode can be attributed to the caffeine content in coffee.

2. Jitters: For that caffeine sensitive category of people, it can shake your body vigorously causing jitters. Caffeine is powerful enough to boost those symptoms in the body.

3. Addiction: Caffeine creates some sort of dependency inside the body if consumed regularly or in large amounts. Caffeine addiction is more addictive than marijuana.

4. Nervousness: A cup of coffee may be good before a presentation or during any stressed situation where ‘the fight or flight’ mechanism comes into play, but during any panic situations, a caffeinated cup of coffee may even trigger the condition.

5. Insomnia: It can make your night a complete disaster. Drinking a cup of coffee just before going to sleep or in the late evening hours can create sleep disturbances, thus increasing the heart rate.

6. Heart Problems: It is good if exercising is in your mind, the increased heart rate will give the push. But people suffering from high blood pressure, with the increased heart rate and pressure pushing the blood in the body, the chances of getting a heart attack increases several times.

Shift to decaf coffee if caffeine triggers any of these serious problems.


What is Decaf Coffee?

Here, the coffee beans go through a decaffeination process; removal of caffeine content from the beans. But at the same time, decaffeination process leaves cafestol, which has a very high anti-inflammatory property, in the beans. Decaf coffee, at the same time, has the same amount of anti-oxidant properties, which can be found in a caffeinated coffee.


Health Benefits of Decaf Coffee

The decaf coffee benefits can not be dismissed as mere theories. Various ongoing studies are quantifying the benefits of decaf coffee, every day. A few of the decaf coffee benefits are…


1. Diabetes Type II

Decaf coffee benefits health by reducing the risk of incurring diabetes. The components in the decaf coffee will prevent against the elimination of chlorogenic acid from the body, thereby regulating the blood sugar levels in the body.

Dosage: Enjoy a cup or two of decaf coffee everyday without any sugar or any artificial sweetener.

Components: It is rich in anti oxidants and various flavonoids and B-vitamins provide the oxygen supply to keep a check on the levels.


2. Cancer

Due to its high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, malignancy is often not seen in people who consume decaffeinated coffee. However, a proportionate quantity is always advisable. Studies have shown its positive effect on colon cancer in case of male and breast cancer in case of female.

Dosage: 3 cups of decaf coffee can help prevent the growing of cancer cells inside the body.

Components: Cafestrol and polyphenols components are the active ingredients in these decaf coffee beans.


3. Decreased Risk of Heart Problems

Caffeine can increase the heart rate, palpitations rate and that can cause stroke and heart attacks. The removal of caffeine will just bring out the best effects from these decaf coffee beans. The anti oxidative nature helps in providing a rich oxygen supply, thereby maintaining an easy flow of blood all around the body.

Dosage: 3-4 cups a day for getting the optimum benefits.

Components: Tannic acid and Eugenol along with the presence of different vitamins can create wonders.


4. Alzheimer’s Disease

The body starts to naturally age and so do the brain cells. The anti oxidant nature of coffee is known to slow this process down. Though the caffeine content shows more effect in this case, the antioxidant nature helps in stopping the cell-aging tendency, keeping the brain active, for a longer time.

Dosage: 2-4 cups on a daily basis to help the body meet the sufficient oxygen demand.

Components: Vitamins, polyphenols and flavonoids are the most effective components.


5. Weight Loss

Caffeinated version is the most effective in ones weight loss journey. To get the most out of this decaffeinated version, a proper diet and fitness regime should also be maintained at the same time, the boost for which you will get from this coffee.

Dosage: 4-5 cups a day, since the acting mechanism is a bit slow.

Components: All the anti oxidative components including B- vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, tannic acid etc.


Decaf coffee is synonymous with 100% caffeine free coffee but this is not possible. Around 3-5% of caffeine still slips through its decaffeination process. Please purchase the right brand, with the right nutrition value and with the minimal amount of caffeine content to enjoy optimised decaf coffee benefits.


A coffee drinkers note: Caffeinated coffee is loaded with super concentrated amount of antioxidants; each coffee sip is filled with varied health benefits, provided how it is brewed and the quantity consumed. Do read the next article on the caffeinated coffee benefits… Coffee: A great source of antioxidants

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