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The Denial of Change: None can escape change

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man”

Change is the only constant… goes the maxim. Everything changes except change. Family dynamics, relationships, growth, physical being all bow to change in fact nothing is impervious to change, not even the inanimate stone!

The birth of the child changes the relationship dynamics of the couple as well as affecting them both as individuals. A wife now becomes mother and the husband who had been used to his wife’s behavioural pattern will see a distinct change in her interactions with him

Change is the only reality; comes in varied forms

Changes comes in varied forms. Some are instant and some are so slow they creep upon leaving us unawares. Aging is one such process, we never notice the first grey hair that popped up or the first wrinkly that marked the smooth countenance but gradually we do observe the changes.

Rather than resisting, acceptance of transitions paves the way for a satisfying life. The truth of acceptance makes it easier for us to accept the change in other’s. Easier said than done…

Change can be tough for some people…

They may fight against the change deliberately trying to turn the tides of change. But change is remorseless and relentless. The sooner we accept the simple truth, the faster it will be to move further in the journey of life.

Adapting to Change

Sit in a quiet corner. Pen down the changes that has occurred during a fixed interval ( fix the interval yourself -the margin could be a week, fortnight or even a month). Write the changes happening to your near and dear one’s as well. Observe the similarities and the differences. Work on overcoming the differences and strengthen the bonds based on your similarities. Regular practice of this methods will give you valuable insight enabling whole hearted acceptance of change.

Mindfulness Meditation is another process of embracing change graciously. Regular mindfulness meditation calms the agitation giving us the composure and strength to accept the changes with dignity.

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