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It is harder to be happy with a Forward Head Posture

Our addiction to technology is like a norm where our obsession with smartphones and devices has wrecked our posture. We have develop to have a forward head posture which is innately erroneous.

But why is a forward head posture considered bad?

Forward head posture is bad on the body because each time we get forward to 60 degrees, the stress on our neck increases by 60 (27 Kgs) pounds.

Forward Head Posture can add up to 30 pounds (14 Kgs) of leverage pulling the entire spine out of alignment and may result in the loss of 30% of vital lung capacity,” says University of California’s director of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Rene Cailliet.

An inch forward your head gets, it is the weight that increases by extra 10 (4.5 Kgs) pounds at your neck leading to pinched nerves, abnormal breathing, numb arms and hands, chronic pain, etc.

Moreover, the posture not just affect us physically, it also has an enormous impact on our mood too. Thus, using smartphones not just creates physical issues but also adds to unpropitious distress on emotions.

How the forward head posture affect our brain function and emotions

We all know that asthma and heart diseases usually begin with the neck. But the list of problems isn’t so small. It adds numerous brain health issues too. For example, you might have a feeling of stress, a bad mood, losing memory or even a complete change in the behaviour.

90% of the nutrition and stimulation to the brain is generated due to the movement of our spine… Dr. Roger Sperry.

A 2010 Brazilian study says body image and bad posture can trigger Depressive Disorder

The study was conducted with 37 healthy people who’s posture was kept to note. It was found that individuals with a forward head posture were getting more on the depressant side and a slight discontent could be seen in the body image.

Many more research and studies have taken place where each one has proved an effect on memory due to changing posture. While poor posture results in the potentiality of chronic stress, a good position, on the other hand, can describe mood effects with positive words such as maintaining self-esteem, improved mood, reduction in self-focus or increasing rate of speech.

When does forward head posture take place?

A forward head posture takes place while using computers, watching TV, playing video games, trauma, backpacks, etc. The trauma may also occur while we form the forward head posture in the form of car accidents, slips or falls, birthing trauma from vacuums or forceps.

The flawed neck-spine alignment can affect the natural ’arc of light’ 45 degree natural curve of the neck

1. It is found that 90% of the nutrition and stimulation to the brain is generated due to the movement of our spine. The flawed neck-spine alignment can affect the natural ’arc of light’ 45 degree natural curve of the neck.

2. About 10% of the brain’s energy goes into thinking, healing and metabolism while the rest is utilised in maintaining and processing the body’s relationship with gravity but a flawed head-neck-spine position can affect this fine energy balance adversely.

3. The major problems that arise are aches, pain, fatigue, disc compression, asthma, early arthritis, altered blood flow, fibromyalgia, headache, temporomandibular joint pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Our lung capacity depreciated with the forward head posture. It then leads to blood vessel problems, asthma and many other heart diseases.

5. A deficiency in the oxygen disturbs the complete gastrointestinal system and can reduce the production of endorphin.

If anyone is already under these problems, it is recommended to visit a related wellness specialist to understand the problem and give necessary adjustments. He/She can help you with spinal rehabilitation exercises, teach working habits in healthy postures and ultimately improve health and quality of life.

A number of remedial steps can be taken to improve the posture

1. Egoscue: Egoscue is a postural therapy that is designed to eliminate chronic pain without surgery or any use of drugs. It relieves from headaches and promotes a better posture.

2. Chiropractic adjustments: These adjustments again help in relieving pain in the joints and improve our posture.

3. Posture exercises: In order to improve mental health and your mood, the exercises that one should follow are arm closes, arm circles, cats and dogs, pull-ups, rows, lateral raises, etc.

Forward head posture leads to improper and distresses body

Along with adverse impacts on our physical health, they have an immense effect on our mood. It leads to depression, anxiety, stress and all other negative terms that determine our mood.

However, there are treatments to cure the same which include egoscue, chiropractic adjustments, posture exercises, yoga asana, pilates etc.

It is vital that we start caring about our posture habits today to avoid issues later.
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