The toughest transition is getting off the knees and walking tall

A counsellor/mentor/Guru is not a magic wand that can help erase the memories that made you fall on your knees. His/her job is to prepare you to learn to get up and walk with greater strength…the dark memory becoming a distant memory! 

Most of the people who come to me want me to help them go beyond issues, issues that they cannot handle themselves. 

A client wants to get out of a three year old abusive relationship. This relationship was his/her life. He/She knew nothing better. He/She wants a quick release. He/She is fixated on a life without the “issue”.

Transition is where most people get too eager and lose patience. This is where quick-fix gurus have a field day. “Surrender to me and I shall show you the way”… Well! A drowning man will clutch onto any hope. 

Most go into a spiral…

“ The toughest transition is getting off the knees and walking tall. “ 

The key is not to focus on the manifested issue. In fact, initially one should not even go into the cause behind the cause. 

This is simply the time to unwind; this is the healing process… This is the time to let go of the thought that is bothering you. This is the time to keep down the weight you are holding. One can deal with it when you feel the time is correct.

Quietly get out of “Why did it happen to me?” vibration… to “licking the wound” to “I will pamper myself” vibration… 

Take a Break and take it from there… when ready 🙏

Aashish Nanda

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