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Medicinal Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is considered as a very important spice for its different medicinal health benefits and healing properties. Time immemorial, this wonder spice has been used in the different treatment procedures in Ayurveda.

A very important herb, in the Asian cuisines, ginger belongs to the botanical family of the Zingiberaceae, and this family is full of magical herbs- turmeric, cardamom, and ginger. Apart from their medicinal health benefits, they really spice up your life.

The article, not only talks about the medicinal health benefits of ginger BUT it also touches upon the components and proven properties that makes this an amazing kitchen medicine.

Few Medicinal and Health benefits of Ginger

Ginger is laden with vitamin B-6, gingerol, magnesium and potassium and that makes ginger one the most potent source of medicinal and healing properties. Some of the benefits of incorporating ginger in your daily diet…

1. Nausea

The rhizome part of ginger, that we see in the market, is effective in digestion and reducing nausea.

Component: This spice contains an active ingredient called gingerol, which has strong medicinal benefits. It is a good inflammatory product and is an antioxidant.

Dosage: Only 1.1-1.5 gm of ginger powder taken with lukewarm water is enough to get rid of nausea.

2. Muscle pains

Regular use of ginger will gradually reduce the soreness of the muscles. Due to its high anti-inflammatory property, it is advisable to include ginger in the regular diet.

Component: The combination of 6-gingerol, 8-gingerol, and 10-gingerols, found in the ginger root brings out the medicinal property.

Dosage: Ginger oil when heated and applied relieves you from the pain.

3. Arthritis

The long-term use of ginger is effective for patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

Component: Shogoals and gingerols act by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandin and leukotriene responsible for inflammation.

Dosage: It can be taken wholly or in the powdered form for effective results.

4. Diabetes

Ginger is very effective in controlling Type 2 diabetes.

Component: The active components 6-shogaol, 10-gingerol, 6-gingerol, and 8-gingerol found in this rhizome is effective in bringing down the blood sugar level.

Dosage: 2 gm of powdered ginger every day shows a significant result.

5. Reducing Stress

Ginger is an excellent medicine that refreshes the body from the stress.

Component: Shogaol with its α, β-unsaturated ketone helps in reducing the oxidative stress.

Dosage: Ginger tea is a home remedy and increases the oxygen building capacity of the cells.

6. Menstruation

Ginger acts as a pain killer and can be used for menstrual cramps

Component: Gingerol helps in relieving the pathways, blocking pain at the same time.

Dosage: Ginger tea is very effective for a smooth cycle.

7. Cholesterol management

Ginger helps in controlling the bad cholesterol in the body, thus reducing the chance of a heart attack. Its regular intake reduces the number of LDL lipoproteins present in the blood.

Component: Gingerol is the key active ingredient here.

Dosage: 3 gm of ginger per day is an effective therapy.

8. Heart Disease

Regular consumption of ginger can prevent onset  of heart diseases. Ginger is a good source of vitamin B 6, magnesium and potassium compounds.

Component: Vitamin B 6 helps in onset of a heart attack whereas optimised magnesium and potassium can help keep the blood pressure under check. High blood pressure can trigger heart attack.

Dosage: Regular use of ginger paste in your daily meals can help take care of your heart.

9. Anti Cancer agent

ColoRectal cancer is the 2nd biggest cause of cancer deaths in the USA. According to the University of Minnesota research, gingerol compound in ginger may help to treat and prevent colorectal cancer.

Ginger is also very effective in preventing the body from producing cancerous cells due to its antioxidant property.

Component: The 6-gingerol found in the ginger roots gives more oxygen supply to the body cells.

Dosage: Ginger in any form if taken, will act as the prevention of cancer.

10. Chronic indigestion

Ginger seems to be quite effective in the treatment of chronic indigestion; this condition is mainly caused due to an irregular bowel movement. Ginger helps in regulating the bowel movement.

Component: Presence of oil in the ginger roots help in digestion.

Dosage: 1.2 grams ginger powder before meal taken regularly helps in emptying the stomach.

11. Alzheimer’s Disease

Helps in enhancing brain function and prevention against Alzheimer’s disease. Stress and Chronic inflammation can lead to brain degeneration and other cognitive disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease.

Component: Ginger can increase the function of the brain to a great extent due to the presence of bioactive compounds

Dosage: Regular use of ginger in any form enhances the function of the brain.

12. Treating Hiccups

It is an age-old remedy to treat chronic bouts of prolonged hiccups.

Component: The active ingredient gingerol along with other bioactive oils helps in treating this disorder.

Dosage: Ginger, when chewed with a little salt, can remarkably cure this condition.

13.  Cough and Cold

Ginger is very effective in treating cough and cold. It clears the airways of the lungs, thereby preventing the allergic reaction.

Component: Ginger root with its bioactive component enhances its function in this process.

Dosage: Ginger juice or ginger tea helps in soothing the throat region.

14. Weight loss

This has become one of the solutions for people fighting with obesity.

Component: The 6 and 8- gingerol meditates the triglyceride hydrolysis by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fats.

Dosage: A combination of lemon, honey, and ginger in an empty stomach helps with this problem.

15. Stomach Ulcers

Ginger is a very effective cure for different types of stomach ulcers because of its presence of phenol component.

  • Component: Gingerdiols, namely gingerenone A and B has the anti-inflammation and antimicrobial property, which is effective in reducing ulcers.
  • Dosage: Ginger oil if taken daily will cure this problem.

Data and analysis of health benefits of ginger

The effects of ginger intake are studied in a whole new convention of medicine. Some of the experiments that have been conducted show the medicinal health property of ginger.

1. In a study, conducted in 2015, 40 participants with type 2 diabetes were given 2 gm of ginger every day. The result showed a significant decline in the blood sugar level by 12%. Also, the HBA1c markers came down by 10% after taking ginger for a continuous 12 weeks.

2. Studies have shown that ginger soup speed up the digestion process from 16 minutes to 12 minutes in these patients. Even 1.2 gm of ginger powder taken every day before a meal accelerates the digestion process by 50 %.

3. Experiment on a hypothyroid rat showed similar results regarding the effect of ginger and the drug atorvastatin in lowering cholesterols.

4. In 2009, the Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science published a study on rats showing the effect of ginger oil for protection against ulcer formation.

5. Another study published in PLoS shows the effectiveness of 6-shogaol in targeting the cause of breast cancer- the breast cancer stem cells.

6. The National Institutes of Health USA is currently conducting a detailed research of ginger and its effect on preventing Colon cancer.

A preventive medicine and a superfood, ginger, with its so many different functions and medicinal health benefits, is part of the kitchen dispensary in most of the Indian households.
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