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Go beyond ill-will

Ill-will drains our energy and makes us lose focus…

Ill will makes us lose sense of our innate goodness and spreads hate all around. If ill-will is so bad, is it possible to prevent ill-will or even transform it to goodwill? The enlightened masters feel in the affirmative.

Here are a few tips you can try to promote good will

1. Believe in Karma: It isn’t always necessary for us to be retributive. Believe in the higher powers of this universe and the theory of Karmic effects. The existence will penalise those who did wrong to you.

2. Forgive: Forgiveness is the process of letting go of resentment within us. Forgiveness is not vindicating the wrong that was committed, but it is about pardoning the person without justifying the act. Forgive others and move on in life.

3. Stress and Anxiety Management: Undue stress and anxiety are the silent killers of our good moods. Proper management of our stress and anxiety levels can make us calm and composed, which in turn, makes us radiate peace and good will.

4. Less Argumentative: Most of the arguments in our life are unnecessary. Arguments strain relationships and spoil our day. When you feel like arguing, count up to 20 slowly. You might not feel like arguing after you have counted till 20. If possible, try to avoid arguments or walk out of conversations which trigger arguments.

5. Sleep and food: Eat adequate quantity of nutritious and wholesome food and have regular sleep. Good food and sleep will make you radiate more good will.

6. Don’t worry too much about the small things: A person might cut you in traffic. Forget it. Your train might be running late. Don’t worry about it. Your colleague would have spilled coffee on your desk. Ignore it. Overlook the small mistakes and lapses of others. These aren’t worth sweating in the long run.

7. Remember everything passes away: Everyone comes to this world with a shelf life. Constantly remembering that everything you see and experience in the world is temporal makes you view the world with a different perspective.

A word of Caution… When you try becoming compassionate, make sure that you are not being exploited.
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