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Green Tea Health Benefits

A brewed green tea is typically green, yellow or light brown in color. Full of antioxidants and nutrients,  green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest and most consumed beverage in the world. 

The green tea leaves of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) are picked up differently. The fresh leaves have to be picked up from the apex. These leaves are later processed in such a manner so as to prevent too much oxidation. Thus, making this green tea rich in antioxidants.

Nutritional value of Green Tea 

Unsweetened Green tea is calorie free, has no protein, carbohydrates or fat. It contains trace of potassium and moderate amounts of caffeine. One cup of green tea contains approximately 25-29 milligrams of caffeine.

Green tea is rich with antioxidants and protective polyphenols. It contains health boosting compounds such as catechins, flavonoids and epigallocatechin gallate.

Possible health benefits of Green Tea…

1/7. Improves brain function

1. Caffeine, the chief active ingredient of green tea is a known stimulant. Caffeine restricts an inhibitory neurotransmitter, adenosine which accelerates the concentration of neurotransmitters and firing of neurons thus, increasing alertness and boosting brain function. 

2. L-theanine is another brain-boosting compound present in green tea which, along with caffeine enhances brain function. 

2/7. Reduces the risk of some cancers

1. The high content of antioxidants in green tea protects against oxidative damage. Oxidative damage may lead to diseases such as cancers. 

2. Green tea reduces the risk of breast, prostrate and colorectal cancers.

3/7. Helps reduce weight

Green tea accelerates the metabolic rate and fat burning thus, helps in reducing weight. This tea is beneficial in reducing body fat, particularly abdominal fat.

4/7. Decreases bad breath

The catechins content of green tea produces a beneficial effect on oral health. Catechins reduce the growth of bacteria thus, reducing the risk of infections and decreasing bad breath.

5/7. Prevents Type 2 diabetes

Green tea enhances insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels. Green tea further, reduces therisk of type 2 diabetes.

6/7. Supports immunity

The antioxidant content of green tea offers antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal effects. They in turn, support immunity.

7/7. A few other benefits…

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, Green tea further helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases, reducing cholesterol, offering anti-aging properties, preventing inflammatory skin diseases, supporting bone density, decreasing inflammation and producing calming effects.

Though full of potential health benefits, green tea, in the recent times, has been made famous by people’s latest obsession of weight loss.

How to prepare Green Tea?

Take one teaspoon of green tea leaves and keep it in a strainer aside.

Take 1 cup of water and boil the water. 

Now, place the strainer with the green tea leaves over the cup. 

Pour the hot water into the cup and allow the tea to steep for 2-3 minutes.

If desired, add 1 teaspoon of honey. Stir the honey and enjoy your cup of green tea.

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