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Health Benefits of Cluster Beans ‘Gawar ki phali’

Though there are multiple lines of evidence for its origin, Cluster Beans, Guar, Gawar ki phali is known to have been domesticated in the semi arid areas of west Africa and India. 

Cluster beans also, known as Gawar ki phali in Hindi are beans with a slim and extended body, having tiny pods. Gawar ki phali is best when it is fresh and tender. The end of the cluster bean has to be plucked so that the thick thread can be removed. Cluster beans possess a slightly bitter taste. 

Nutritional Facts of Cluster Beans

Cluster beans are a rich source of proteins, iron, and Vitamin C. It also contains a significant amount of vitamin A and calcium.

The nutritional value of 100 gm of cluster beans contains 16 kcal, 3.2 gm of proteins, 3 gm of fiber, 11 gm of carbohydrates, 130 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, and 57 mg of potassium.

Potential Health Benefits Cluster Beans (Gavar ki phali)

1/5. Beneficial in Diabetics

1. The glyconutrient and fibre content of cluster beans aids in controlling blood sugar levels.

2. Cluster beans being low in glycemic index, fails to cause any rapid fluctuations in the blood sugar levels when consumed. 

2/5. Strengthens the bones

The presence of phosphorous and calcium in cluster beans helps in strengthening the bones. Calcium prevents bone loss. 

3/5. Calms the brain

The hypoglycemic properties of cluster beans aids in soothing the nerves. They also help in reducing tension and anxiety thus, calming the person. 

4/5. Controls blood pressure

The hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties of gawar help in controlling blood pressure levels. 

5/5. Other possible Benefits

Cluster beans produce several health benefits, apart from the health benefits mentioned above, it also produces few more such as enhances blood circulation, eliminates infections, promotes heart health, prevents the foetus from numerous birth defects, improves blood circulation, treats gallstones, reduces cancer risk, acts as a digestive aid, resolves anaemia, promotes weight loss, improves fertility, beneficial in pregnancy, improves mood, sleep & prevents depression.

High in soluble dietary fiber, Cluster ‘guar’ beans influence the lipogenic and lipolytic enzymes in the body, thereby helping in reducing accumulated fat, hence a natural weight loss. 

How to use Cluster Beans?

Cluster beans are consumed steamed, fried, curried, or boiled. It can be utilised as a whole or can be cut into longitudinal pieces. Generally, it is chopped into smaller pieces and used. They can be incorporated in various dishes in the following manner…

  • In salads.
  • Used to prepare curry.

How to prepare Soya Chunks with Gawar Beans Curry? 

Heat 2-3 tbsp of oil in a pan on medium flame, add 1 tbsp cumin seed, and 2-3 crushed dry red chilli. Fry it for approximately a min.

Add ½ cup finely chopped onions and fry it till it turns little golden brown. 

Add 2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste, ½ cup chopped tomatoes and ½ cup chopped gavar beans.  Mix it well. 

Cover them and cook it till the beans become soft. 

Soak 1 cup soya chunks in warm water for 15 minutes and then cut them into 2 pieces. Add the soya chunks and 1 cup of water and mix them well. 

Cover and cook them, till it becomes thick.

Add 1 tbsp coriander powder, 1 tbsp garam masala and ¼ tbsp red chili powder. Mix it well. Fry it for 4-5 mins. Add salt as per taste.

Garnish with 2 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves.

Serve guar hot with rice or roti.

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