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Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is prepared from fresh cranberries. Considered a super food, cranberry juice is a rich source of vitamins and polyphenolic compounds.

Cranberries are generally consumed as dried or in the form of juice as they have a very sharp and sour taste, in the raw form.

Nutritional Profile

Cranberry juice contains a huge range of nutrients such as phytonutrients, flavonoids, antioxidants, Vitamin C, E & K, fibre, manganese, calcium, copper, protein, amino acid, minerals, iron, sodium, etc. 

100ml of cranberry juice contains 45 calories, 30mg of vitamin C, 12.2 gm of carbohydrates, 4.6 gm of fibre, 4 gm of sugar, 0.4 gm of proteins, and 0.1 gm of fat.

Possible Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice…

1/5. Prevents urinary tract infections (UTI)

1. The proanthocyanidins present in cranberries have anti-adhesion properties which prevent the bacteria from attaching to the lining of the urinary tract.

2. Proanthocyanidins further prevent the bacteria from multiplying further and eliminates them out from the body by urination.

3. The antibacterial properties of cranberry juice lower the colonisation of Escherichia coli in the bladder. E. coli is the bacteria that is the cause of most UTIs.

2/5. Improves heart health

1. There are several components in cranberry juice which boosts heart health. The high content of polyphenols in cranberries help support heart health.

2. The phytonutrients present in cranberries guards against inflammation thus, delaying the process and protecting against heart disease.

3. The active compounds of cranberry juice possess vasorelaxant properties which relax the stiff blood vessels thus, reducing blood pressure.

4. Cranberry juice also reduces the “bad” cholesterol.

3/5. Promotes digestion

1. The phytochemicals in cranberry juice promote digestion.

2. Cranberry juice prevents the colonization of H. pylori in the stomach, thus it prevents the formation of peptic ulcers and protects against intestinal inflammation. 

3. The antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory contents of cranberry offer protection against colon cancer.

4. The fibre content of cranberries prevents constipation.

4/5. Promotes dental health

1. Cranberry juice interrupts the formation of glucan by producing a protective layer on the teeth. This protective layer makes it difficult for the cavity-causing bacteria to cling to the surface of the teeth. Glucan is utilised in building dental plaque which triggers decay. Thus, the formation of a dental cavity is prevented.

2. Proanthocyanidin content of cranberry restricts the clinging of harmful bacteria to the teeth. They restrict the production of acid and thus, protect the teeth from periodontal diseases.

5/5. Other possible benefits…

Cranberry juice further fights age-related damage, prevents infections, supports post-menopausal health, prevents kidney calcification and infection, combats vaginal infections, reduces risk and severity of diabetes, possesses anticancer potential, strengthens bones, promotesweight loss,prevents scurvy,fights lung inflammation, boosts circulation, and helps with immunity.

Lowers risk of urinary tract infection (UTI), aids prevention of certain types of cancer, improves immune function and decreases blood pressure.

How to make cranberry juice?

Take a bowl of cranberries and wash them thoroughly.

Take 3 cups of water in a pan along with the cranberries and bring it to a boil.

Once the mixture boils, reduce the heat, cover the pan and let it simmer for 20 minutes or till the berries begin to pop.

After the cranberries soften, take the pan off the heat and strain the mixture through a fine strainer.

To squeeze out all the juices from the cranberries, keep pressing the mixture with the back of the spoon. Discard the berries.

Put the cranberry juice back into the pan. Stir in little sugar (optional), orange juice, and lemon juice. Bring it to a boil; cook till the sugar gets dissolved.

Remove from heat. Let the juice cool. Refrigerate it and serve chilled.

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