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Homeopathy: Myths and Misconceptions

Some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding Homeopathy are as follows

There are numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding this system of homeopathy therapeutics. People are unaware regarding the facts, probably, because of which this system is not accepted as the first choice of treatment. Some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding homeopathy are as…

1/7. Homeopathy is slow acting

Homeopathy believes in eliminating the root cause of the disease and restoring back health permanently. It does not believe in suppressing the condition. This process does certainly take some additional time but it doesn’t mean that Homeopathy is slow in acting as the action of the medicine starts immediately when the medicine is absorbed by the inner lining of the mouth.

Homeopathic treatment is considered usually after the disease has progressed to greater extents leading to immense damage. To restore such damage into order, it does usually take additional duration. In fact, patients resorting to Homeopathic treatment at the start of their complaints take lesser time to acquire results. Time required for homeopathic cure depends upon the stage of patient’s illness and his period of suffering.

2/7. Homeopathy is useful only in chronic conditions, not in acute conditions

This is absolutely incorrect as Homeopathy is useful and effective in both chronic and acute diseases, except in few medical emergencies. On the contrary, quick results can be obtained in acute cases.

3/7. Homeopathy medicines produce placebo effect

Homeopathic medicines fail to produce placebo effect and are known to produce permanent cures. Homeopathic medicines undergo a process known as dynamization where the dynamic medicinal properties are aroused. In this process, the drugs are diluted to such a greater extend that there are only miniscule amounts of the original drug substance remaining. These miniscule amounts of medicine cannot be detected by any scientific means possible. As there is no “actual” medicinal substance present in the higher potencies of Homeopathic medicines hence, Homeopathy has been claimed to be a placebo therapy.

4/7. There are many dietary restrictions to be followed while on Homeopathic treatment

During Homeopathic treatment consumption of onions, garlic, tobacco, strong coffee & alcohol intake should be limited as they obstruct the action of the Homeopathic medicine. Studies have shown that if these substances are consumed in moderation and if a considerable gap is maintained between them and the consumption of these medicines then, these substances do not produce any harmful effect on the action of the Homeopathic medicine.

5/7. Homeopathic medicines contain steroids

As the misconception prevails, Homeopathic medicines are expected to be slow acting hence when these medicines offer prompt results in acute conditions; it is predicted to contain steroids. Appropriate Homeopathic medicines can achieve rapid cure; it does not need any steroids to bring about a quick and effective cure. Homeopathic medicines are prepared by leading companies that are Goods Manufacturing Practices certified thus ensuring the quality of the medicines. Homeopathic medicines, when tested in laboratory fail to reveal any presence of steroids.

6/7. All Homeopathic medicines are same

The white sugar pill in which the Homeopathic medicine is dispensed is same in appearance hence, the impression that all homeopathic medicines are alike. But these pills just act as a vehicle to the alcohol-based medicine and have no medicinal value. The alcohol based liquid medicine is the actual homeopathic medicine, which cannot be taken in that form hence, requires white pills as a vehicle for administration. Therefore, all the homeopathic medicines are not same.

7/7. Homeopathic medicines cannot be consumed by diabetic patients

The amount of sugar in the sugar globules used to dispense homeopathic medicines is almost negligible thereby, failing to increase the blood sugar in diabetic patients. Therefore, diabetic patients can safely take these medicines. If required, Homeopathic medicines can also be dispensed in water.

Hope, the above facts have dispelled few of the common misconceptions about Homeopathy, which in turn, shall now motivate a larger number of people to opt for Homeopathy as their first line of treatment.

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