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Homeopathy: Natural Health Care system

Homoeopathy is a natural system of therapeutics, which is based on scientific and logical principles.

According to the World Health Organization, Homoeopathy is recognized as the second largest system of therapeutics used in the World. This system is based on the principle of Law of Similars – ‘like cures like’; which means that any substance, when taken in small amounts, will cure the same symptoms in a sick that it produces in a healthy person. It believes that if a substance can produce a symptom in a healthy person then it has the ability to cure the same symptom in a diseased person.

Homoeopathic remedies act on a Holistic principles

Homoeopathic remedies act on the holistic mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body. It treats by enhancing the individual’s immunity by stimulating the body’s self-healing ability. Homoeopathic remedies are competent of controlling the state of mind & can cure mental & emotional disturbed states. This system recognizes the psychological origin of bodily symptoms.

Homoeopathic treatment is Bespoke…

Homoeopathy considers every individual as a unique individual expressing different set of signs and symptoms; every individual is considered as a separate entity. It treats every individual on the spiritual; emotional; mental and physical levels. The patient is treated as a whole and not the individual parts or organs; as the patient is considered to be sick as a whole and not in individual parts or organs.

1/3. There are no specific medicines in Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic medicines are effective in a wide range of disorders. Homoeopathy eliminates the disease from the root cause rather than suppressing it. These medicines are obtained from a vast range of natural sources and are devoid of any chemical toxicity. Drug preparation of Homoeopathic medicines is processed through a unique method where the inert qualities of a drug are aroused. Minute quantities of the original drug substance are taken to prepare the medicine. Homoeopathic medicines are dispensed in various forms namely; white sugar globules or pills, powder or liquid.

2/3. Homeopathy is symptom specific treatment

Treatment in Homoeopathy is not based on the name of the disease (diagnosis) but it is based on the collection of characteristic symptoms expressed by the patient. Hence, the medicine differs from individual to individual though suffering from the same condition. Not only the medicine but also the dose, strength and the repetition of medicine differs from individual to individual. The most appropriate medicine is selected on the basis of the specific symptoms observed in the individual.

3/3. Homoeopathic treatment is done with the help of minute doses of potentised and already proved medicines

The action of the homoeopathic medicine commences as soon as the medicine is absorbed by the inner lining of the mouth. The curative power of every drug is established by administering the drug to healthy individuals and documenting the changes produced by these drugs. As the effects of every drug are known earlier to the administration of the drug, these medicines are safe for use in all age groups, pregnant and lactation mothers, too.

Homoeopathic mode of treatment is safe, gentle, rapid, effective, powerful and harmless, based on fixed and scientific principles. It aims towards the permanent elimination of the disease condition. It fails to support the concept of temporary restoration of health. As customary, this alternative system of therapeutics too has its own scope and limitations.

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