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Ayurvedic Cooking Classes in Rishikesh- Indian Sattvik Food Cooking

Ever since ancient times, it was known to our ancestors that eating right food, cooked in the right way and in right quantity is the best way to keep our body and mind healthy. They believed in “We are, what we eat”.  Body was viewed as a temple of god. Thereby, food eaten was believed to nourish not just the body but also mind and soul. Traditional Indian cooking was a well-developed and well-researched science which we are only now beginning to rediscover. 

Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic Food Types

Food was taken very seriously as it was believed to be the starting point of wellness. There were three types of diets, as per the ancient system – Sattvik, Rajasi and Tamasic. These were differentiated on the basis of their ingredients.

However, depending on the quantity of food intake, even the Sattvik can turn into Tamasic and vice versa.  Satvik diet was an input which enhanced the benefits to be derived from yoga, meditation, pranayama and other ancient wellness practices. 

Seasonal Food and Nature of Human Bodies

A good deal of knowledge was compiled on vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits and many other agricultural consumables. The element of seasonality of food was given a lot of importance and eating seasonal food was considered to be the best. Deep knowledge was also gained into the properties of all the ingredients of food and the best cooking methods which were suitable for our bodies. This ancient wisdom came to be known as ‘Ayurveda Diet’.

As per Ayurvedic tradition, there are ‘tridoshas’ called ‘Vatta’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’.  What food shall or shall not be eaten by a person of particular body nature, or during a particular illness, was clearly defined. This traditional knowledge of Indian Ayurvedic cooking methods is sought to be revived by the cooking schools in Rishikesh. 

In the traditional Indian cooking classes in Rishikesh, you will invariably be told about the various ingredients which go into food preparation along with their properties. Ayurveda science believed the medicine to each ailment is in the kitchen and any centre that doesn’t share this ancient wisdom is doing a disservice to the science of Ayurveda. 

At these cooking centers in Rishikesh, you will also get to learn about the right cooking techniques which retain the nutritional value of the food. Which foods are best to use under particular weather conditions that can make your body cope up with the weather are also taught.

1/12. Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute of Yoga & Ayurveda

The Institute is known for providing Ayurveda healing treatments, therapies and the teacher training courses. However, complementing the Ayurvedic wellness practices is the Ayurvedic cooking classes. Since a lot of importance is attached to eating the right food which is cooked in the right way in the Ayurveda tradition, it becomes mandatory to know how to prepare food the right way and learn the basic fundamentals of cooking including food preparations.

Its short term weekly course, Ayurveda Nutrition & Cooking Course, is a 3 day theory and 3 days practical class.  It is also available online. You will get to know about the three natures of body, called the doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and three types of food (Satvik, Rajsic and Tamsic) which type of food is best for each type. The concepts of Agni, the fire which digests food and Ama, the biological toxins will also be taught. Information about the Indian herbs, spices and the cooking methods of healthy food is also imparted. One of the most important feature of the course is that it teaches how to eat consciously.

AddressArogya Residency Plot No. 4, Inside Deecon Valley Tapovan Badrinath Road, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192.
Phone+919917317388 ,

2/12. Vedic Yoga Center

In the best of Ayurvedic traditions, food plays a central role. It is viewed not just as a means to gain energy and sustain ourselves but also as a key determinant of wellness and health. The Veda Yoga Center provides a course in Indian cooking as per the traditional practices of Ayurveda. 

The course focuses on curative properties of certain ingredients of food such as herbs and spices and teaches on best ways to make use of these. These ingredients are considered vital for nourishing and balancing the body. You will gain knowledge about how to cook food with grains, beans and seeds, herbs and spices, oils and different vegetables. You will also be informed about preparation of hot and cold beverages, breads, soups, sweets, pickles, chutneys, sauces and much more. The importance of dry fruits is also underlined in the course. 

AddressNeelkanth Road, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh 243902 Himalayas, Uttarakhand, India
Phone+919760932106; 91-8755196191 ,

3/12. Rishikul Yogshala

Having Sattvic (simple), delicious and nutritious food is a necessary requirement for wellness of our body. For those who come to learn Yoga, Meditation or other ancient Indian wellness disciplines here in Rishikesh, a course in Ayurvedic, or traditional Indian cooking can make it a total learning experience. Rishikul Yogshala is one such center in Rishikesh which offers Ayurvedic cooking classes. 

The classes focus on principles of Ayurveda relating to nature of bodies and seasonal influences on choice of food items and emphasize traditional cooking methods. Some of the recipes taught in course are Khichdi, Dal, Aloo Matar, Tofu, Rice Pulao, Parantha, Palak Paneer and Besan Cheela. Information on properties of various food ingredients, especially spices and herbs and their benefits is highlighted during the course. Equally importantly, the benefits of using the Desi Ghee, Mustard and other types of oils are also highlighted during the course. 

AddressNarayan Kunj, Village Jonk, Swargashram, Ramjhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand-249304
Phone+91-9018860899; 91-8800501528

4/12. Vedansha – The Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine

As methods of Ayurvedic healing and wellness gain currency around the world, people are interested to know and to learn about traditional Indian kitchen practices. Vedansha, a popular yoga and meditation center in Rishikesh, also offers course in Ayurvedic cooking. 

The course in oriented toward teaching of preparing Satvik food, which is the simplest of the three types of foods mentioned in ancient texts. The other two types are Rajasic (which are in nature of stimulating foods and create restlessness, such as tea or coffee) and Tamasic (which reduce level of refined state of consciousness, such as non-vegetarian food, onion, garlic, etc.). 

The classes detail about the 3 dosha theory of preparing Ayurvedic food based on body types, three types of food and how to use these in combination, types of spices to be used in cooking and Ayurvedic detox preparations. 

To know more details, please visit the website…

AddressYoga St, Badrinath Road Tapovan,Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India 249192
Phone+91 9756521452,+91 8787256758

5/12. Veda Yogshala

Veda Yogshala is a center in Rishikesh which offers two different courses in Traditional Indian cooking and Ayurvedic cooking. It seeks to bring out the differences in cooking methods of the two. The course can be attended by single individuals or even groups of students. Both these courses are offered for 1, 3, 5 and 7 days duration. Prices can vary depending on number of students in a batch and duration of course.

AddressNear, Uttarakhand Gramin Bank, (Infront Royal Cafe) Laxman jhula – Rishikesh – 249302, Distt. Pauri Garhwal (Uttarakhand)
Phone+91 – 8650237136, 9458956606 

6/12. Ayurveda Wellness Center

Food forms an important part of our daily lives, though we have a habit of taking it for granted. The result is that our focus turns away from traditional food and cooking methods that results in sub-optimal performance of our bodies. Not a surprise that we might end up getting disorders and diseases. It is with this awakening message that many centers in Rishikesh offer courses in Ayurvedic cooking and emphasise Satvik diet in our lifestyle. Ayurveda Wellness center is one such school which has courses in Ayurveda Nutritional Cooking. The aim is to spread awareness among the people what and how to cook in the best way that nourishes our bodies and mind. 

It lays a lot of stress on use of spices and herbs which have powerful immunity boosting medicinal benefits. In the course, it is taught how to use these in cooking so that there is a balance between the three doshas and there is improvement in digestion, nutrient absorption, circulation and immunity. 

The center offers two courses of different durations- one week and two weeks. Students are given lessons in history and basic principles of Ayurveda, spices, herbs, cooking utensils, types of diets and methods of cutting and cleaning the food items so that nutritional value is not lost.

Along with these certain yoga kriyas, asanas , meditation and mantra chanting sessions are also held…

AddressVillage Ghugtani,Tapovan, Rishikesh – 249192, Uttarakhand(INDIA)

7/12. Haritha Ayurveda

Haritha is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Organisation which is primarily into Ayurvedic healing and one of the courses taught here is of Ayurvedic cooking. This is a 7 day course which emphasises on cooking of food Ayurveda style. 

The students are given introduction to Ayurveda, taught how to conduct body-mind constitution analysis, biological toxins, Ayurvedic Diet & Nutrition, methods of preparing certain recipes, importance and benefits of herbs and spices, home remedies for certain common illnesses, detox formulations in Ayurveda and the yogic diet.

Haritha is a reputed center of Ayurveda in Rishikesh, so its cooking classes are also quite popular. People from around India and worldwide visit it for learning Indian cooking in these classes. 

AddressHotel Narayana Kunj, Village Jonk, Swargashram, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304
Phone+ 91-9758881169

8/12. Ram Ayurveda Wellness

Ram Ayurveda Wellness is an Ayurvedic clinic and teacher training center in Ayurvedic therapies and treatments in Rishikesh. Among its courses are the courses of Nutritional Ayurveda which is focused on eating the right food which is prepared in the right manner. 

The center offers 1 week and 2 week courses in Nutritional Ayurvedic cooking which cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of traditional Indian cooking. Pancha mahabhoot, tridosha, types of diet, knowledge about herbs and spices, utensils, methods of preparation etc. are some of the elements of the course in Ayurvedic cooking provided by the training center.

AddressVillage Ghugtani, Tapovan, Rishikesh – 249192 Uttarakhand (INDIA)
Phone+91 – 9818356501 / 7500003187

9/12. Divine School of Ayurveda

The Divine School Of Ayurveda is a prominent Ayurvedic center in Rishikesh founded by Dr Vibha Sharma. The school is famous for providing Ayurvedic solutions for women during the phase of pregnancy. However, due to the central role played by food in Ayurvedic treatments, a course in nourishing diet is also provided. 

The course is all about Ayurvedic way of preparing food with attention being given to nature of body, informing about seasonal food items, use of spices and herbs, use of right utensils, proper cleaning and cooking using certain oils. The aim is to acquaint with the right way of preparing the food.

AddressLaxman Jhula , Near Dharamraj Temple Below Zorba Organic Restaurant Pauri Garhwal, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249302
Phone+91–9868980101 and +91-9818037101

10/12. Prakash Deep Institute of Ayurveda and Yogic Sciences

The Prakash Deep Institute of Ayurveda and Yogic Sciences has been on the forefront of using Ayurvedic practices for wellbeing in Rishikesh. It has many courses wherein one can learn about different aspects of Ayurveda and Yoga. The Ayurveda cooking course is one of these courses offered by the center which aims to teach us about the best way of cooking food-the traditional way that is being used in Indian home kitchens for a long time now. 

This is a 7 day residential course wherein students are also provided accommodation along with meals and tea. In the Ayurvedic cooking class, you will be told about the philosophy and principles of Ayurvedic kitchen, preparing food as per body types and seasons, using herbs and spices in food and many other practices. Knowledge about herbal oils and recipes of breakfast, lunch and dinner are also taught. 

Do check for more at…

AddressNH-58, Near Raiwala Railway Station Raiwala, Rishikesh Uttaranchal 249205
Phone+91 9756888654

11/12. Vardan Ayurveda Nilayam

Vardan Ayurved Nilayam is one of the few centers in Rishikesh, run by Dr Harsh Agarwal, which is totally dedicated to Ayurvedic healing. As per Ayurveda, food holds the key to physical, mental and spiritual health. Eating the right food which is suited to your body goes a long way in keeping away diseases and illnesses. At the same time, it helps in effective performance of various wellness practices such as yoga and meditation. The school conducts two courses in Ayurvedic or traditional Indian cooking which teaches about nuances of Satvik diet.

One course is of 1 week Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Consultant which is designed to give detailed knowledge about doshas, perform diagnosis and preparing seasonal food using spices and herbs having health-giving properties. 

Second course is of 1 week Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking Course which focuses on nutritional aspects of cooking.

AddressGanga Residency, Tapovan, Rishikesh – 249201, Uttarakhand Himalayas (INDIA)
Phone+91 98378 94227

12/12. Mimamsa Yogshala

Ayurvedic cooking was an advanced science in culinary tradition in ancient times. They had precise knowledge of three different nature of human bodies (vatta, pitta and kapha) and importance of seasonal fruits and vegetables, dry fruits, spices and herbs. This knowledge which has passed on for generations is now being revisited for the sake of general wellbeing. Mimamsa Yogshala also provides Ayurvedic cooking classes.

AddressLaxman Jhula, Kirmola, Opp. Post Office, Rishikesh
Phone090273 09218

The Trend Towards Veganism..

Vegan food is the latest trend in Rishikesh. As ‘veganism’ gains popularity worldwide as people are renouncing the use of animal products or extracts in consumables, the courses teaching vegan food cooking methods are also being provided in Rishikesh. This trend is set to make Rishikesh a hub for holistic cooking.

Do check out what courses are offered by various centres providing ancient Indian cooking classes in Rishikesh.

Do your due diligence, ask questions, check the references and most importantly check their online presence to see what exactly are they teaching…

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