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Khas Sherbat Health Benefits

Khas Sharbat, also known as Vetiver juice is prepared from the root extract of Khus plant. Khus, also known as poppy seeds is an aromatic dense grass. 

Khus sherbet is a green-coloured drink. The green colour of Khus comes from khus essence, which is thick syrup that is made from the root extract of khus grass.

Nutritional Value

Khus is an excellent source of calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, proteins, manganese, potassium, carbohydrates, and B6 vitamins.

Possible health benefits of Khus sherbet…

1/12. Increases blood circulation

1. Iron present in Khus helps in boosting blood circulation in the body. 

2. The manganese content aids regulate blood pressure levels.

2/12. Eliminates redness from the eyes

The high content of zinc in Khus aids prevents several eye issues. Due to the cooling properties of Khus, consuming khus sharbat in summers may decrease the redness in the eye due to excess heat.

3/12. High source of antioxidants

1. The high contents of antioxidants present in Khus help in enhancing the immunity.

2. It also helps in protecting the tissues and organs from free radical damage. 

3. The Zinc content of Khus helps in strengthening the metabolism.

4. Zinc also helps in building the general strength of the body.

4/12. Decreases excessive thirst and dehydration

Khus contains contents that cool the body. It helps in decreasing excessive thirst and the resultant dehydration to a greater extent.

5/12. Treats Inflammation

Khus possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. The medicinal properties of Khus help in treating inflammation of nerves and other body parts.

6/12. Helpful in digestion

The dietary fibre content of Khus smoothen the process of digestion thereby, preventing constipation and bloating.

7/12. Reduces pain

Khus is used in making painkillers as it possesses analgesic and morphine content. Hence, it also aids in reducing pain.

8/12. Prevents kidney stones

1. The oxalates present in Khus helps to absorb extra calcium from the blood. 

2. It further helps prevent crystallisation and deposit of calcium in the kidneys.

9/12. Boosts heart functioning

1. The iron content of Khus increases the flow of oxygen in the blood. 

2. Regular consumption of khus aids in the proper functioning of the heart.

10/12. Maintains the health of nervous system

Khus, being rich in copper, iodine, calcium, and magnesium helps maintain the health of the nervous system.

11/12. Treats sleep disorders

Oil extracted from Khus helps in soothing and relaxing the mind and the muscles which help in taking a nice deep sleep.

12/12. Other possible health benefits…

Khus Sherbat helps in relieving burning sensation of the body, bleeding disorders or ‘raktapitta’, protects bones, fight skin ailments and enhances brain function due to presence of Vitamin E, Aluminium and Iron. 

Khas Sharbet, made out of aromatic Khas Grass, besides being a refreshing summer drink, is also a key ingredient in Ayurveda medicine.

How to Make Khas Sharbat?

1. Take 3 cups of water and 4 cups of sugar. Mix them and stir it over low heat, till the sugar dissolves.

2. Let the mixture come to a boil and then cook it till it thickens – one thread consistency.

3. Mix 1 tsp of Khus essence and 1-2 tsp of green colour (We recommend not to put artificial colouring). Cover it with a lid and let it cool at room temperature.

4. Once cooled, refrigerate the khus syrup and store it in a clean, airtight bottle.

5. Dissolve ¼ parts of khus syrup with water and the khus sherbet is ready.

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