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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTCs) in Rishikesh

Literal meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Kundalini’ is ‘coiled snake’. In ancient Indian yogic texts, Kundalini is said to be situated at the base of spine at ‘muldhara’ in the human body and more importantly, at the base of ones hierarchical energy potentiality. 

There is a strong belief that this is a divine form of energy which needs to be awakened and cultivated in order to attain higher spiritual consciousness, bliss, serenity and perfect balance between body, mind and soul. Besides the spiritual relevance, another important aspect of this energy is that it can be harnessed to live an awakened life free from diseases. Therefore, Kundalini forms part of various ancient wellness programs or courses that are currently practiced in India.

My take on Kundalini…

Rishikesh, which is already popular as ‘Yoga Capital of the World’, also has many centres or ashrams teaching Kundalini yoga healing. While few centres are exclusively dedicated to Kundalini yoga, overwhelming majority of schools are those which also offer class and courses in other disciplines, such as yoga and meditation. Due to fact that the principles and practices of Kundalini awakening also have inputs from yoga asana, meditation, tantra, pranayama (breathing) and mantras,  the teachers training courses (TTCs) and programs in Kundalini healing incorporate all these practices as well.

Listed below are some of the best Rishikesh Healing Centres that offer Kundalini TTCs. In these ever changing times, some of these centres have also started offering Online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training courses and also online kundalini classes. We request you to do your due diligence…

1/7. Kundalini Yoga Ashram

Kundalini Yoga Ashram specialised in training the teacher in the art and science of awakening the Kundalini using yoga and tantra. It is offers teacher training courses of 100 hr, 200 hr, 300 hr and 500 hr duration in Kundalini yoga. These classes are also available online. 

Kundalini Yoga is combination of three type of yogas- bhakti (devotion), raja (sense and limbs) and Shakti (power). This enables a person to gain tremendous energy, self-control, enthusiasm and freshness. This gives a feeling of having won the battles of self and emerging victorious. It shall be noted that certain practices of yoga and meditation are central to Kundalini yoga. 

The school also offers courses in sound healing and Reiki, workshop in Tantra and organises retreats of 4-6 days for Kundalini awakening. 

AddressBehind Police Station Laxman JhulaTapovan
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249137
Phone(+91) 8126230256

2/7. Sanskar Yogshala

Sanskar Yoga Shala is a center offering training in the awakening of Kundalini shakti. The center also offers course in Yoga whose practices are also used extensively in awakening of Kundalini. This Kundalini school in Rishikesh is based on ancient traditions of Hinduism. The center offers residential Kundalini programs and retreats.

For the beginners to Kundalini practices, there is a course of 10 days by the ashram. And, it also offers 20 days teachers training courses in Kundalini (TTCs). The classes invariably include hatha yoga practices, pranayama, mantra chanting, bandhas, kriyas, mudras, anatomy of body and satsanga. The rituals of Kundalini practice include Aarti, havan, Bhajan and Kirtan and mantra chanting, besides meditation.

AddressUpper Tapovan Near Deccon Valley, Badrinath Road, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand-249192, India
Phone+91-9997190167 +91-7500082579

3/7. Yoga Sutra Foundation

Promoting wellness the natural way, using the methods of ancient Indian tradition that sought to bring balance to body and mind, Yoga Sutra Foundation offers teacher training courses in Kundalini and yoga. 

Founded by Mr Deepak Prajapati, the school offers trainings around three pillars of yantra, tantra and mantra. This idea behind this unique methodology of teaching is that the body is a temple and it shall be worshipped to keep it healthy and abound with positive energy. 

The 200 hr Kundalini TTC course at Rishikesh helps to relieve stress, attain emotional health, raises the level of consciousness and maintain hormonal balance. The course consist of practices of kriyas, meditation, chakras, breathing and others. 

AddressHotel Hari Palace, Jonk, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand India. Pin Code: 249304

4/7. Nirvighnam Yoga School

Nirvighnam Yoga School is a center where both yoga and Kundalini courses are taught with emphasis on leading the life without illness by regular practice of these wellness exercises and rituals. While preventing illness by preparing the body and mind is the prime objective of the school, it furthers this objective to attain self-realization and reach higher levels of consciousness. 

The center offers four courses in Kundalini Yoga- 100 hr, 200 hr, 300 hr and 500 hr. The courses include practices of cleansing, breathing techniques, bandhas, meditation and chanting of mantras. Various asanas or yoga postures which help in attaining awakening of kundalini are also taught. 

These trainings are helpful in leading a healthy life and even starting a career in Kundalini yoga. 

AddressPayal Guest House Upper Tapovan, Balaknath Mandir Rd, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand-249192

5/7. Samadhi Yoga Ashram

Kundalini Yoga has been one of the ancient Indian methods of wellness. This method makes use of certain practices of yoga, pranayama, meditation and mantras to improve the energy flow in our body which helps in removing the imbalances and establish resonance between body and mind.

Samadhi Yoga Ashram is one such school in Rishikesh which offers courses and residential classes in Kundalini yoga. 100 hr, 200 hr, 300 hr and 500 hr Kundalini teachers training courses (TTCs) are offered by the center. The focus of the courses is on performing a number of asanas for activating the chakras, doing different kriyas, performing bandhas, cleansing exercises, anatomy and other Kundalini rituals.

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi is the person behind this center who is an expert in yoga and Kundalini yoga. He has been a practitioner ever since his childhood. He also teaches these wellness practices at other ashrams in Rishikesh. 

AddressNear Laxman Jhulla Rishikesh
Phone(+91) 8126230256

6/7. Nada Yoga School

The Nada Yoga School is unique in that it teaches the Kundalini yoga along with ancient music and dance forms. The reverberations of music are believed to have reinforcing effect on energy chakras. The center provides 200 hour certified Kundalini yoga teacher training course (TTC) to students.

The course curriculum includes various postures of yoga which are said to be helpful in awakening of Kundalini, meditation practices which help control flow of energy, pranayama or breathing exercises and music and mantra chanting sounds which are also said to have effect on body energy. Theoretical moorings on philosophy, anatomy and physiology of Kundalini yoga are also provided. 

By the end of the course, the person is able to take up a career in this discipline.

Address20 Meters Left From Ram Jhula Bridge, Swargashram 249304, Rishikesh, India
Phone+91 9412029817

7/7. Himalayan Holistic Yoga

The Himalayan Holistic Yoga is a center in Rishikesh which gives courses in Kundalini awakening and yoga.  Since ancient wellness forms, such as yoga, meditation, Kundalini, pranayama, tantra, nada yoga and other disciplines are also inter-related, the course in Kundalini also includes certain practices from other disciplines.

The center provides a 200 hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. This is a 28 days residential course program and helps you to discover your own self. Asanas, shatkarmas, pranayama, chakra, bandhas, drishti, tratak, nadis, mudras and mantras are some practices of Kundalini yoga classes here.

Address20 Meters Left From Ram Jhula Bridge, Swargashram 249304, Rishikesh, India
Phone+91 8755551584

This is just an inductive list of the Kundalini centres, courses, and TTCs (Teacher Training Courses). Please do your due diligence before enrolling into any of the TTC, programs, retreats at these centres.
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