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Kundalini Yoga can help initiate awakening.

Kundalini yoga forms the basis of kundalini awakening. The process is individualistic and a work for lifetime.

Kundalini yoga, meditation and pranayama prep the body for kundalini awakening. The process is the awakening of the self; a possibility to go beyond the life matrix one is vibrating in…

This Shakti is bursting of the dam that is holding back the inherent power and inner wisdom. Kundalini awakening starts the moment body, doer, senses, efforts and divine providence synergise.

Kundalini awakening is NOT a snake coiled up, at the base of spine, waiting to uncoil.

Being a mind process, the absolute power of kundalini awakening is clarity, auspiciousness, self-esteem, concern for others, enlightened attention, infinite joy, peace and the ultimate self realisation. The awakening is determined largely by one’s attitude, intention and the ability to allow-accept-evolve.

Minds turntable effect does affect kundalini awakening

Every day, with every step on the way, life poses various challenges. We subconsciously react to these ever present stimuli.

Our subconscious mind keeps processing these thoughts and beliefs through its repetitive filters, generating the same things over and over again leaving no room for change.

The subconscious mind processes around 90% of our thoughts and determines what happens in our life. These thoughts and beliefs can be our greatest assets, or worst liabilities! They either help us move forward or stagnate.

And to move forward, we must know who we are; our strengths or weaknesses, distinctive talents or gifts, our likes and dislikes and how we think. We can only realise once we go beyond this programmed subconscious.

Kundalini yoga, meditation and pranayama can help the doer realise this possible potentiality.

Let us understand this with a story of a beggar…

So, there was a beggar who always sat under a tree and made a living on the coins people gave him. One day he died, and people realised that he didn’t have a family who could carry him somewhere to bury.

They decided to bury him under the tree itself. When people started digging, they found a giant treasure of gold. They realised that this man sat his entire life over this gold but never realised how rich he could have been. Had he dug the ground… …

There is a lesson behind this story? Every person on this earth is potentially sitting on a jackpot. It is only our consciousness that can help realise it.

Kundalini is a reward that most haven’t yet realised exists. It is, in fact, an energy can be used to realise a dimension in life that was and still is thought to be beyond ones imagination.

Kundalini from some real life instances…

We all beget a plug point at home. It is usually the one with 3-pin point. However, the actual source of power is not this plug point. Instead, there is a large big power station elsewhere which transmits power through the plug point.

Now, one can also not connect this 3-pin point to the central power station directly and thus requires a plug point. Our life is also composed of the same plug point but with 5 pins rather than 3.

Like the chakras you might be aware about, the first 5 chakra resemble the 5 pin points of the plug. The remaining two, the third eye centre and the Saharsar chakra, are like the light bulb.

If you plug it in, life glows. You have the energy to glow even for 24 hours of the day. It will never exhaust. Energy is not the struggle or hard work to keep your life going. It is the existence. Until you exist, you can plug in this source of energy for entire life, known as Kundalini shakti.

The right way of existence…

Your hands might shake and cause scratches when you plug into the 5-pin point plug. May be there was a current in the plug. This is like the interruptions and problems in life. A very few have the steadiness in their energy.

So, what is that secret weapon that can bring steadiness letting you plug your life correctly into the 5-point pin? It is regular practice of kundalini yoga, meditation and pranayama.

Kundalini yoga is the source of power that can not fail. It is the continuous source of power that will help you proceed naturally in life and never let you feel lost while working for success.

Kundalini yoga and related techniques prepare you for the journey ahead…

The regular practice of these techniques can help focus on ones psycho-spiritual growth by giving special consideration to one’s glandular, immune and nervous system in the body and pranic and chakra energy in the mind space.

Spending just a few minutes a day practicing kundalini meditating, pranayama and stretching into related chakra yoga asana can provide an immediate payback!

It prepares you for the journey ahead…

Pranotthana is confused with Kundalini Awakening…

Pranotthana is the release of Pranic energy within the body, however this is different from the the actual awakening of Kundalini.

Advanced Kundalini pranayama practitioners indicate feeling of energy surge, lifting from the base of the spine, all the way up to the brain stem. Most confuse it with uncoiling of Kundalini whereas this is simply Pranotthana.

Pranotthana gets activated when the endocrine glands and nerve plexus are flush with a right mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. This right balance triggers a combustion of energy called pranotthana; the pranic energy release.

As the pranic force purifies, it creates automatic body movements, spontaneous chakra yoga asana, pranayama, visions of lights etc. as it encounters inner physiological and psychological blockages. This is Pranotthana.

Pranotthana is the optimisation of body at the prana levels whereas Kundalini is the realisation of ones potential.

Each one of us has an inner guidance system to assist us to move forward, to bring forth our inner wisdom to transform these, sometimes stagnant old patterns. Everything we experience can be turned to good. I call this guidance system… Kundalini Awakening Shakti.

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