Lassi – Health Benefits

Lassi is a traditional North Indian fermented drink, made out of curd (fermented milk), is either sweet or salted in flavour.

Probably being the first India ‘shake’, lassi is one of the best cooling summer drinks which are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Generally, lassi is consumed during or after a meal. Besides being touted as it provides a huge range of health benefits.

Nutritional Facts

Lassi contains fats, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, fibre, sugar, proteins, calcium, iron, vitamin A, C & D. In 100 ml of lassi, there are 79 calories where 25% is fat, 64% carbohydrates and 12% proteins. Lassi is rich in calcium. 

Potential health benefits of Lassi…

1/10. Helps in Smooth Digestion

1. The lactobacillus bacteria in lassi lubricate the intestines, absorbs the nutrients, breakdowns the food, and helps in smooth digestion. 

2. Lassi aids the stomach in getting rid of acids causing heartburn and indigestion.

2/10. Prevents Bloating

The lactobacillus bacteria in lassi restrict the growth of bad bacteria thus, preventing bloating of stomach, constipation and other digestive complaints. 

3/10. Enhances Bone Health

Lassi, loaded with calcium, aids in improving and keeping the bones healthy and strong.

4/10. Accelerates Immunity

The lactic acid and vitamin D content of lassi accelerates immunity and help in fighting against numerous diseases and infections. Vitamin D regulates phosphorus and calcium absorption. 

5/10. Benefits the Skin

1. Lactic acid helps eradicate skin blemishes and enhances the skin’s texture.

2. Consuming lassi cleanses the skin from within and supports tightening the sagging skin. Hence, it maintains youthful skin and is also considered as a natural anti-aging solution.

6/10. Helps In lowering Blood Pressure

The potassium and riboflavin content of lassi helps in eradicating the excess toxins from the body and in boosting the immune system hence, lowering blood pressure.

7/10. Beneficial in Weight Loss

1. Lassi is low in calories and almost contains no fat. Basically, it eliminates the fat. It burns the belly fat. 

2. Low in calories and rich in all nutrients, lassi is often included as a part of a weight loss diet. 

8/10. Effective in Acidity

1. Lassi is ideal for soothing the stomach. It washes away the spices of the food and calms an inflamed stomach lining.

2. It helps in getting rid of the acids that cause heartburn and indigestion.

9/10. Reduces Cholesterol

The probiotic content of lassi helps in decreasing the bad cholesterol and increasing body metabolism.

10/10. Other possible health benefits…

Consumption of lassi has some other benefits, such as reducing growth of bad bacteria in gut, slowing down ageing by improving texture of skin, reducing body heat and prevents dehydration. When taken with mango, it is believed to prevent sunstroke during summers.

Deeply rooted in the ethos of North India, especially the Punjabi culture, lassi, is an extremely beneficial drink, not only during summer times but also for daily energy boast and enhancing the immunity.

How to make Lassi?

Traditional lassi is a mixture of curd, water, and various spices. In sweet lassi, sugar is added instead of spices. Follow the below-mentioned steps to prepare lassi…

2 cups of curd is taken in a large jug.

Whisk till the curd becomes smooth.

Add ice-cold water to adjust the consistency and also add 3-4 tbsp of powdered sugar.

Add ½ tsp cardamom powder. 

Whisk again till a frothy layer is formed.

For a richer taste, additionally, add 1 tbsp cream. Stir properly. 

Serve chilled with ice.

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