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Life can change if you lose ten pounds of weight

Life has changed over the years and with progression as well as evolution we have now come to a phase that makes us work at neck break speed.

In addition to this, we have all become so dependent on junk food and faster lifestyles that we find it tough to control what we call weight!

Some blame it on stress, time crunch and lack of motivation, I would rather blame the case of piling on and living with excess weight on the lack of knowledge about what losing some extra weight can do for you. What is more is that you do not find a way out of the problems unless you know that the end results will be far sweeter than what you thought.

Why you must go ahead and lose those extra ten pounds?

Shirk off five Kilos and you already will be at a lower risk of cardiac arrest. While there are a huge number of factors that can be seen as causes for heart attacks, having excess weight is a trigger. The logic is simple. Excess weight makes you excessively tired just because your heart has to do a lot of extra efforts when it comes to pumping blood.

Imagine if you are operating a machine and due to the excess weight, steering its operations needs you to pull it with extra effort. Will you not be worn out? Then how can you expect the heart to not wear out faster when it functions for a person with higher weight than someone else does. Lose ten pounds and you will already feel brisker. This is not just because you are less heavy but because your heart is not having to pump in extra efforts.

1/7. Live lighter

Why just the cardiac bit, having lost those extra ten pounds, a close friend has confessed how he feels lighter and his knees or joints feel less worked up. The fact that your legs have less work to drag around or do makes them feel relaxed. Once your muscles are more relaxed you tend to feel brisker too. What is better is that this prevents the risk of developing rheumatic or arthritis related disorders.

2/7. Lose stubborn pain

Konk off ten pounds and see for yourself that you will stop having those cranky pains. The ones that nag you in the neck or the ones around your hips – such pains are ridden away completely when you do some active weight loss. Remember the idea towards sustainable weight loss is to keep the level within a certain limit. In addition, you also tend to feel fresher.

3/7. Lower Doctors bill

The life span too is increased when you lose some proper weight. Lose that extra weight and feel lighter. Not just this can also help you lower cholesterol levels. This will help you keep your lipid profile in check without having to take in extra medicine. Research suggests that about 30 per cent people above 35 take cholesterol pills to keep their lipid levels at par with the normal range.

4/7. Sleep Well

Losing just ten pounds of weight will dramatically slash the chances that you get sleep apnea. Since excess weight or obesity is a leading cause for sleep apnea, this is a well justified logic.  Sleep apnea causes a huge number of related health disorders as well. Losing Ten pounds will help you sleep tight and much better.

5/7. Keep Cancer at Bay

Latest research has revealed that losing excess ten pounds help you in keep cancer at bay when compared to someone with obesity. Experts believe that every extra pound signals an extra bit of risk of developing cancer. When you begin to shed those extra pounds, your chances of developing a wide variety of cancers also dip down.

6/7. Fatten your savings

On a funnier note, when you begin to lose some pounds, that means you eat healthy and avoid eating outside. Imagine the amount that will be saved. We almost spend INR 10000 on extra food alone every month. Even if you spend lesser even that means a substantial bit of savings.

7/7. Shop more 🙂

With so much happening if you just begin to lose just ten pounds, imagine how better your lifestyle is set to be. Get going on your goal and stay motivated. Take exercise like it is a relaxant for you and hit the treadmill as often as you can. Losing weight gives you a sense of achievement too and with all that money saved you can go ahead and buy yourself something awesome that you might have wanted for long.

Lose Weight – Realign Lifestyle – Gain Life

There has been concerted study in the medical field that reveals that losing just ten pounds will also decrease the chances of getting afflicted with dementia. Once you begin to lose weight especially from the belly area and around, you also lose the chance of having a stroke in the near future. These issues are often blamed on excess weight and modern lifestyle.

Of course, besides quickly losing those extra ten pounds, you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means you have to cut back on junk, exercise well even of on a moderate scale and sleep well.  Most people do not realize that sleeping habits have a whole lot of impact on your overall weight and the allied weight management.

As we had mentioned earlier, strokes and attacks are often a result of high sugar and pressure levels. Once you lose those extra five Kg and keep the latter at bay, automatically your chances of advanced backlash disorders are reduced. In addition, losing this weight will lower your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

Be at it… Find your own reason, your own story…

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