9 Life Habits to enhance wellbeing

For a person who remains stuck in a routine and are conscious of their downward spiral, they must take a break to address this issue.

Few effective habits that can help improve well-being…

1/9. Know your Purpose. Know true yourself 
know your life purpose. know your true self.

It is OK to lose your focus, drift away from your core, at times. Just keep your compass not too far away. Use it to to navigate back. Seek help if needed.

2/9. Be Social as much as you can.
be social. be with friends, helps reboot

Everyone needs acceptance and friendship that is fulfilled only when socialising with others.

3/9. Don’t be afraid to spend money on yourself. 
self help can start with self kindness

Indulge in self care. Invest money in self-care, self-kindness goes a long way and it boosts well-being more than anything else.

4/9. DiStress is unavoidable. Accept distress is Real.
Stress Distress is unavoidable. accept distress is real.

Don’t run away from the issues that add to life stress. Deal with them when you are ready, not when you are under the pump. Seek help, if needed.

5/9. Avoid bypassing issues. Stop blaming others.
stop bypassing issues. stop blaming others.

Life is not fair, always. Be conscious of this reality. Show the mirror to self, deal with the ‘Why’ of the issues. Seek help when needed.

6/9. Embrace discomfort and embrace failure. 
embrace discomfort. embrace failure. making mistakes is is a reality.

Stop trying to fight failure. Making mistakes and having setbacks is normal and needed in any journey. Start treating failure as an opportunity rather than a burden.

7/9. Stay away from habits like smoking & alcohol.
don't smoke or drink. develop good habits.

Don’t get into the trap of compulsive  habits like smoking and drinking. Ensure you lead a healthy life. Keep prepped for the better times.

8/9. Don’t forget to laugh and enjoy. 
laugh and enjoy. remain content

Those who remain content, smile more and try to keep themselves happy, experience better quality of life than those who remain worried all the time.

9/9. Find and practice new hobbies.
practice new habits. keep yourself busy and engaged.

Hobby helps us keep busy and engaged. Finding new hobbies is great for strengthening the brain & boost mood.

Aashish Nanda

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