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Signs your Liver needs a detox

Natural liver detox and liver cleanse keeps working all the time… BUT at times, our liver is overburdened and need help in the form of an aided cleanse and detox. But how to identify that it is yelling for help?

Signs you Liver needs a detox and cleanse…

1. Abdominal bloating.

2. Removal of gallbladder.

3. Indigestion of fatty food.

4. Heart burn or acid reflux.

5. Blotchy skin, itching or acne.

6. Liver spots that are the dark spots on the skin.

7. Surplus perspiration or formation of a lot of heat in the body.

8. Excess of abdominal fat; a roll around the upper abdomen or pot belly.

9. Weight gain without any purpose or the failure to reduce weight even after calorie restrictions.

10. Aching at the upper right of the abdominal area under the rib cage i.e., discomfort over the liver.

These being the major signs showing you need a liver cleanse and detox, keep a watch on the following signs too as excess of these may also effect…

1. Fatigue.

2. Snoring.

3. High blood pressure.

4. Depression or mood swings.

5. Triglycerides or high cholesterol.

6. Yellowish fat lumps around your eyes.

Why the cleanse and detox?

The above signs indicate that the liver is clogged or blocked with enormous unhealthy fats. Here the filter cells swell out with fats forming inability of the liver to filter substances passing through it. The principal function of the liver is to clean the blood and return it back to the heart; it ends up returning blood without purifying impurities. So the uncleaned blood enters your heart, damaging the immune system and causing rapid ageing.

How does the liver get clogged?

People drinking alcohol, high carbohydrate diet, processed food, high sugar content and low body movement usually incur liver clogging problems.

Not just the food, the chemicals, water contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, electromagnetic radiation, etc. through the air, water and other mediums too contribute to the clogging. All these issues avert the liver to smoothly use and utilise nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates crucial for the body. It also prevents up taking oxygen creating a low energy state in the body with septic and acidic disease.

Now that our liver is busy filtering these toxins, it doesn’t have enough power to screen the hormones, drugs, blood and any other component that it used to filter. It also fails to accomplish proper digestion of food. This is why most of us find losing weight to be impossible.

Steps to start your liver detox, the natural way

Human liver plays a vital role in body cleanse and detox. Besides being the principal detox organ, liver looks after the digestion system, as well. It is, in fact, the toughest employed organ in our body. This cleanse and detox plan is generic and indicative…

Step 1/3: Lower the ingestion of air borne toxins like
  • Paints.
  • Smoke.
  • Cleaners.
  • Gasoline.
  • Perfumes.
  • Nail polish.
  • Air pollutants like pm2.5 and pm10.

Lower the consumption of toxins from drinks and food. This includes…

  • Dyes.
  • Alcohol.
  • Fertilizers.
  • Pesticides.
  • Wild salmon.
  • Preservatives.
  • Contaminated or unfiltered water.
  • Chlorine and bromine containing stuff.
  • Petroleum based preservatives in Skin care products.

Skin in the largest organ in the body. Anything applied here has an effect on your body too. Thus, anything that you do not eat shouldn’t be used on your skin too.

Further, there are organic commodities that might seem healthy but are protected with toxins affecting our health. Instead, you can create your own organic products like shea butter, jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil or any other naturally extracted oil.

Besides, also consider the electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, hospital radiology departments, Wi-Fi, aeroplanes, etc. you should be away from them at least 8 feet while asleep.

Step 2/3: Eliminate eating habits that are unhealthy for the liver

Processed food, excess carbohydrates, sugars should be avoided. Opt for organic produce rather than over cooked food. Try not to use a microwave as it destroys all the healthy properties of the food. Fats such as soya bean oil, canola oil, corn oil are toxic. Try periodic food fasting for cleanse and detox…

Step 3/3: Increase the intake of necessary nutrients

Take in a lot of supportive food to restore the ruins of liver and other organs. Fruits, vegetables, especially dark green leafy vegetables will help you do this.

Our 30-40% diet should be with vegetables and raw fruits. This is to improve your digestion with the vitamin C contents, enzymes, natural antibiotic ingredients and other anti-cancer Phytonutrients.

Consequently, fresh juices are another way to gain benefits from these foods. Consume naturally fermented foods like apple cider vinegar, kefir, yoghurt, etc.

Here is the list of other necessary nutrients…

Rebuild the liver’s health with necessary nutrients and herbs. Milk thistle, dandelion, globe artichoke, turmeric are some herbs beneficial for the same. Amino acids too give their contribution.

1. Vitamin K – Alfalfa sprouts and green leafy vegetables.

2. Arginine – Arginine is generally found in beans, lentils, walnuts, oats, carob, wheat germ and peas, it helps the liver detoxify ammonia. Ammonia is the waste out of protein metabolism.

3. Antioxidants – Antioxidants are found in fresh raw juices such as beetroot, carrot, apple, dandelion, celery, kiwi, citrus fruits, pear and other green drinks.

4. Selenium – Brazil nuts, brown rice, kelp, wheat germ, molasses, who grains, sea food, onions and garlic have the selenium content necessary for the body.

5. Methionine – Methionine is again very important for detoxification. It is generally found in eggs, fish, legumes, onions, garlic, meat, seeds, etc.

6. Fatty acids – The fatty acids are an essential constituent of healthy membranes in each cell of the body. A plenty of them are needed to let the liver function healthily. Fish oil, cod liver oil, seafood has the essential fatty acids, fresh avocado, legumes, raw nuts, wheat germ, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, ground seeds, flax seeds, all have the necessary nutrients.

7. Natural sulphur compounds – These are generally found in eggs, shallots, leeks, garlic onions, cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

If your liver is clogged and it is provoking improper digestion of food, then this method will help cleanse and detox your system as well as the liver. These natural nutrients and herbs not just help you with your digestion but will also help you prevent chronic illness and severe life-threatening diseases.

Please consult a related expert/professional to know more about your natural liver cleanse and detox requirements.… Attend liver detox classes, lectures, workshops and retreats, whenever possible. All the Best!

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