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Lower the risks to Heart Attack or Stroke

Deaths from heart diseases are have gone up substantially. In fact, Heart attacks and strokes have become the number 1 and 2 biggest worldwide killers.

Factors such as diabetes, obesity, stress etc are some generally known traits that put us to risk of heart attacks. These threats have been growing higher mostly because of the changing lifestyles we have adapted in the modern era.

This generic topic touches upon various tried and tested ways to lower risks of heart attacks or stroke. Needless to say, consult your health professional for detailed personalised program.

Some of the the generic complementary ways to keep heart attack and stoke at bay are…


Eat dark chocolate

Though this might sound unbelievable, but yes, dark chocolate is always good for the heart. It includes chemicals such as flavonoids that help improve the flexibility of the arteries. The sweetening properties evade arteries from clotting or bad cholesterol. Dark chocolates are also rich in magnesium and fibre. Do not go for a milk chocolate as the high butter and fat content might elevate your cholesterol.


Bike rides just for 20 minutes every day

This is proved by a group a German researcher who studied 100 men suffering from angina or chest pain. They were directed to either go for a bike ride for just 20 minutes a day or had an option to undergo angioplasty which is an artery cleaning procedure. After 1 year, the results showed that 21 men suffered from the problem who had undergone the treatment. On the other hand, there were just 6 bikers. Thus, the researches have proved the fact that 20 minutes of a bike ride could help you prevent heart attacks.


Vitamin B complex

The experiment done by the Swiss researchers have found that Vitamin B complex is an essential constituent to lower the risks of attacks. The research was conducted considering 200 men and women who were asked to take a combination of 3 B vitamins, i.e., vitamin B6, folic acid, Vitamin B12. The other option given was to placebo. Later they were asked to undertake a surgery to open their arteries and found that homocysteine was 40 percent less in those who took Vitamin B. Homocysteine is a substance that increases the possibilities of heart disease. These patients also had wider open blood vessels than those who were on a sugar pill. The group of people with placebo had no change.


Flax seeds

There are two major ways to intake the flax seeds. You can either sprinkle one ounce of the seeds on your yoghurt, cereals or do the dressing of your salad with 1 tsp of flax seeds. Thus, flax seeds can be consumed in any manner but are the most important components contributing to the eradication of heart attacks. The omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats present in these seeds reduce the risk of heart diseases and also bring the aberrations in your heart to a rhythm. This could just improve your overall health and reduced stress of heart issues.


Beer once a day

Drinking one beer a day can help you lower your cholesterol level. Not just the cholesterol it also lessens the fibrinogen levels in the body. It is basically a protein that creates blood clots. The beer will also raise the blood levels of heart-healthy antioxidants. One can also go for a red wine for improved outcomes. However, make sure you are selecting only one and not just both of them.


Drink Decaf Coffee

Caffeine can increase the heart rate, palpitations rate and that can cause stroke and heart attacks. The removal of caffeine will just bring out the best effects from these decaf coffee beans. The ant oxidative nature helps in providing a rich oxygen supply, thereby maintaining an easy flow of blood all around the body.


Increase Ginger intake

Regular consumption of ginger can prevent onset  of heart diseases. Ginger is a good source of vitamin B 6, magnesium and potassium compounds.


Sleep more

Research also shows that sleep of less than 7 hours is likely to be at risk of heart diseases. This is because the lack of sleep can stress up your hormones, affect sugar level, increase blood pressure and cause any other problem leading to heart attacks.


Eat fish

One-third chance of getting a heart attack subdue if you prefer having a fish just once a week be it a grilled, baked, roasted or a sautéed one. Eating fish reduces the risk of atrial fibrillation, which means rapid and irregular heartbeats causing sudden deaths.


Find out if you snore

Use a tape recorder or ask your partner to find out if you snore at night. If you do, it is important to take an appointment with the doctor for there are possibilities that you might have apnea. It is a problem where you stop breathing for a number of times during the night. This will automatically cause high blood pressure and numerous other health concerns. It also increases the chances of heart attacks.


Intake high fibre cereals in breakfast

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition remarks that having 23 grams of high fibre cereals a day can cut the danger of heart attacks by 23% for women. For men, the chances decrease to 36%. Beans, grains, nuts, are some of the examples of good carbs that are high in fibre. They protect you from heart diseases, cancer and digestive problems. One can opt for oats or cornflakes for breakfast at least 4 days a week.



Uric acid is an indication for heart attacks and stroke. Anthocyanins are a type of plant chemicals that give the cherries a scarlet colour. They contribute to lesser levels of uric acid in the blood. Thus, having cherries could just solve your heart problems and stroke. It is suggested to have at least 15 cherries every day. You can pick dry cherries for your salad if they are off season or favour choosing a cherry juice rather than orange juice in the morning.


Heart diseases do not always demand treatments and medicines from the doctors…

Remedies opted beforehand, or even when you find symptoms of getting a cardiovascular disease, the home remedies revealed above could get you better results. These remedies are better than any other majorly because they have no side effects and equally contribute to a healthy body!

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