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Meditation and Mindfulness techniques can help prevent small issues from taking over life

We live and work in a world teeming with problems. It is important to address important issues, at workplace and at home, with due seriousness. But what often happens is that we fret ourselves over trivial issues, which if left untouched, could save us from stress, anger and other energy sapping emotions. Take for instance, a delayed lunch or a bad traffic jam or even a coffee stain on our shirt. Does it make any sense if we howl or get angry at someone over these incidents?

Getting charged up over minor issues has cost lives too

It has been proven beyond doubt that it is these ‘petty issues’ when not nipped in the bud, lead to distress and issues that can effect day to day living, adversely. Being Meditative and Mindful of these trivial ‘under the radar’ issues can help can reduce the issues one is faced on a daily basis.

Police statistics reveal that 78 people died in 2010 in New Delhi (India) due to sudden provocation over trivial issues.

A bout of anger is attributed to an adrenaline surge in the blood stream

Researchers at Amrita Institute of Medical Science (AIMS), Kochi, after their recent study on long term meditators, found out that regular meditation reduces the level of adrenaline in our blood stream. A reduced level of adrenaline in our body implies a lesser frequency of anger episodes at home and on the road.

Meditation and Mindfulness techniques can help prevent ‘petty issues’ from taking over life

Undue petty ‘under the radar’ stress can make us prone to bouts of anger. Stress, in turn, is related to increased levels of cortisol hormone. Meditation can pave the way to lesser amount of cortisol in our system. This was scientifically proved by Tonya Jacobs, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, after her three month long observation of 57 meditators. Meditation sessions can help release serotonin ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter, the enhanced level of which makes us calmer.

Being Mindful can easily help us prioritise the thoughts one is entertaining. Being mindful helps put a pause on the repeat pattern of thoughts and helps understand the oscillation effect between the past gone and future not known.

Meditation and Mindfulness techniques can help rewire neural pathways, wherever needed. Needless to say, it is advisable to take professional help to rewire the thought mind.

BUT there can be a contradiction on what needs addressing and what doesn’t

I always suggest people to seek help of a guide to help sort out the mind clutter. Don’t let fake positivity, bypassing or the belief “I know my mind, so I can handle my thoughts better’ derail your life. Please seek help, when needed… 

Read it somewhere… Small relationship problems become big ones when not addressed. Grudges grow, misunderstandings become mis-truths.

So, if you dream of petty issues not derailing your life, what better than a regular dose of meditation and mindfulness BUT under expert supervision.

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