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Mindfulness balances the 3 Aspects of Life

Humans are said to be a combination of body, mind and the soul. Only a holistic health programme encompassing the health of all these three aspects will lead to a contented life. A fit body leads to a healthy mind. A calm mind, in turn, makes way for a person to realise his soul.

Mindfulness can play a pivotal role in our physical health…

Regular mindfulness sessions can pave way for an enhanced immune system, making us less susceptible for various illnesses.

The biggest contribution of mindfulness is in the effective management of stress, anxiety and depression. Optimal management of stress leads to various health benefits like reduced blood pressure, increased cardiovascular health and less free radicals. It also leads to improved cognitive abilities, thus making a person perform better. 

Can lead to an enhanced mental health and emotional stability in practitioners…

Regular practitioners are less prone to various mental disorders and are found to be more emotionally stable. They are found to sail through the ups and downs in life with more serenity. Studies have also shown that mindfulness can make a person virtuous, which in turn, leads to more peace and compassion in the society.

Mystics believe that the realisation of soul is the highest and the final achievement of man.

The enlightened beings believe that the path to the soul is through the heart. Regular sessions can take us to the depths of calmness, where we are able to connect to our heart and the source of existence.

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