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Being mindful can help increase will–power

When the times are tough, the tough get going…

In the midst of challenges, what could make a person go ahead and achieve his dreams? The answer would be- his will power. 

27% of participants in the American Psychological Association’s Annual stress survey of 2011 cited the lack of willpower as the significant hurdle to change. Terrie Moffitt of Duke University and her colleagues, after tracking 1000 individuals from birth to age 32, found out that children who had high self-control grew up to be responsible adults. 

Willpower or self-control is also termed as…
  • Resolve
  • Self-discipline
  • Determination
The critical ingredient of will-power is focus…

Success at workspace and schools require unrelenting focus. Research has shown that meditation can increase focus among meditators. The University of California, post its study on 48 undergraduate students, found out that meditation decreases distraction, leading to better focus and scores. 

Undue stress can make us abandon our dreams midway…

Regular mindfulness can considerably reduce the level of stress and anxiety in our body. A person who is low on stress and anxiety will show more of self-determination.

A physically weak person will show less resolve in completing his tasks…

Mindfulness can go a long way in enhancing our immune levels and making us less prone to diseases. 

At times, a person needs to endure physical or mental pain to reach his goal…

Mindfulness is very effective in increasing our tolerance to pain. A meditator is more likely than non-meditators to endure pain to achieve his dreams. 

Regular Mindfulness sessions will go a long way in increasing our will-power, which in turn, will make us reach our goals and lead us to joyful lives. 

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