Meditation can restrain mind from restless thinking

Our mind is constantly on the move. Rather, it chatters persistently. Most of this mind talk is of no use to us. They drain us of precious mental energy, which if channelised, can make us perform better.


Regular meditation can make our minds focussed… Researchers of the psychological and brain sciences at the University of California, U.S., explored the connection between meditation and distraction. They had already found out that distraction impairs performance. As part of the study, the researchers made a group of undergraduates undergo two week intensive meditation program. After the program, it was found that the mind-wandering of those who underwent meditation decreased. 


Reducing our anxiety levels could also lead to a calm mind… Various studies have shown that regular meditation can significantly decrease the level of anxiety. Dr. Madhav Goyal of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, U.S.A., after reviewing 47 clinical trials which involved more than 3,500 participants suffering from mild anxiety or depression, found out that mindfulness meditation classes of eight weeks can lead to betterment of moods at par with prescription medications.


David Levy and Jacob Wobbrock of the University of Washington found out that meditation sessions not only help people improve their memory and reduce stress, but also make people concentrate on tasks for a longer time. 


Regular Meditation leads to an enhanced level of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, commonly termed as the happy neurotransmitters. Serotonin calms the mind and makes one less stressed. A stress free and a calm mind will be less prone to bouts of restless thinking.

Aashish Nanda

I am not a Spiritual Guru. I am not a Healer. I am not a Coach. I am not a Transformer. After trying to define myself, with various labels, I realized that I am simply a Muser... I just pen down what appeals to me. Please consult a professional guide, in case you need any advice.

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