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Mindfulness can help live in the present

The enlightened masters always exhort us to live in the present… Living in the present endows us with a lot of physiological benefits, apart from the mental ones. It reduces stress and anxiety and makes us calmer and contented.

It is often thought that living in the present is to forget the past and future and live a reckless life.

In reality, it is not the case. Living in the moment is to make us free from the shackles of bad experiences of the past and to stop relating the present moment with the past. It is also about not giving in to anxieties regarding our future, thus enabling us to enjoy the present.

Life is full of experiences, both good and bad…

The unfortunate experiences, at times, leave us with scars tough to erase. Even though considerable time would have passed since we experienced something unfortunate, our mind still clings to it and makes us relate every present happening to that experience. This is where mindfulness can be of utmost help.

The deep relaxation triggered by meditation enhances production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin, commonly termed as the happy neurotransmitters. The happy neurotransmitters make us calm and composed. They make sure that we are stress free and relaxed. In turn, only a stress free person will enjoy the present moment.

We often worry about the future…

To an extent, the anxiety about the future bodes well for us. But when our concern regarding our future exceeds a certain limit, stress sets in, bringing with it adverse physiological effects. Regular mindfulness sessions can bring about a sense of tranquility and provides with the courage to face the future.

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