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Meditation can help improve Sex drive

“Yes! Meditation does help improve libido… one’s sex drive.” “But we have been told meditation curbs sex drive.” Please read on! Happy Meditating!

Meditation helps increase positive emotions and feeling of self worth.

When we are mentally and physically stressed, we’re more prone to distractions as our thoughts keep wandering. A study by the School of Behavioral Sciences at the James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia, showed that meditating and running both increase positive emotions giving us a better self-image. When we feel good about ourselves we are able to love better, connect better and, as a result, have a better sex life.

Meditation helps balance Hormones

Meditation can help restrict levels of cortisol and restrict the flow of Prolactin so as to rejuvenate a body for active sexual activity. A healthy mind effectively produces more dopamine and Oxytocin, which supplements in enhanced arousal and interest for sexual activity.

Meditation also increases the production of endorphins in our body. Apart from primarily serving as body’s natural painkillers, endorphins also create positive feelings of euphoria and well-being. These neurotransmitters trigger the urge to love and be loved; hence getting you more inclined towards the acts of sexual pleasures.

Meditation helps reduce stress, which means better Orgasm

Meditation activates Para sympathetic nervous system thereby helping reduce stress. Stress of any kind is detrimental to your mental and physical health, resulting in low sex drive. Meditation can be the best stress-buster. So, meditate your stress away and relax in your partner’s arms!

Meditation helps increase circulation, blood flow and delay Orgasm

Relaxed body-mind help balance Nitric Oxide, which helps muscles to relax and induce vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels thereby helping maintain erection and delay orgasm for long period of time.

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