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Body Posture awareness

One of the best and easiest ways to be aware is to be mindfulness of our own bodily postures, the tensions in it, and ultimately learn over a period of time to disassociate ourselves from our bodily tensions.
How to be mindful of Body Posture

1. Find a quiet room in your house. Ensure you will not be distracted during the meditation session. Keep yourself away from phones during tsession.

2. Sit on a cross legged ‘Sukh Asana’ posture. (In a sukh asana posture, one sits on the ground with a straight back and neck). If you are sitting on a chair, ensure that your tailbone is free and you don’t rest your spine against the chair. Also make sure that your neck and spine are in perfect alignment. The perfect posture will be when your entire body is relaxed yet the body is not slouching.

3. Breathe naturally. Bring awareness to the posture. Notice even the smallest of tensions in your body. Don’t give importance to the mental imagery of tension. Instead, focus minutely on the bodily tension.

4. If you find your mind wandering during the session, take a couple of deep breaths and slowly bring the awareness back to the posture.

5. Do this exercise at least for 7 to 10 minutes in a day. If you experience pain during the practice, stop it for a while and then resume the awareness practice. If you constantly experience pain during the meditation, stop practicing it.

If you have had spinal injuries of late or if you are recuperating after a surgery, refrain from practicing this technique.
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